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Lil Wayne tweets at Mark Cuban “I’ll piss in ya f’n mouth ho,” the latest level to their back-and-forth

Some surprising off-court drama around the NBA Finals comes from rapper Lil Wayne going back and forth on Twitter with Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban. Last week, Lil Wayne called Mavericks’ guard Luka Dončić “a ho” on Twitter, and Cuban responded Monday by quote-tweeting that with some of Lil Wayne’s own lyrics (from “Uproar,” on his 2018 album Tha Carter V), and a photo of the rapper sitting front row (as seen above) to watch the Mavericks beat the Suns 123-90 in Game 7 Sunday:

Skip Bayless on What Lil Wayne Allegedly Overheard During Heated Exchange Between Monty Williams and Deandre Ayton

The Phoenix Suns’ meltdown in Sunday’s Game 7 loss to the Dallas Mavericks included a sideline confrontation between Monty Williams and Deandre Ayton. With Phoenix down 70-32 early in the third quarter, Williams substituted backup big man Bismack Biyombo for Ayton, who sat for the remainder of the game and finished with five points and four rebounds.
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Mavericks owner Mark Cuban fires back at Lil Wayne after 'Luka a ho' tweet

A week ago, Lil Wayne let his feelings be known about Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Dončić when he tweeted during a Game 4 win over the Phoenix Suns, "Luka a ho." There's little doubt that the 23-year-old Dončić does a little bit of flopping - that's what seemed to incite Weezy, who likely was displeased that Dončić drew a couple quick offensive fouls on the New Orleans rapper's good friend Chris Paul - and more than a little bit of complaining to the referees, but unfortunately for Weezy, Dončić also is really, really, really good.

Lil Wayne reveals what caused Monty Williams-Deandre Ayton exchange?

The Phoenix Suns were eliminated from the NBA playoffs on Sunday evening by the Dallas Mavericks. Given that this squad came into the postseason with championship aspirations, clearly the loss hurt. What made things even worse, however, was precisely how Phoenix went out, losing is bad. This group fell behind...

Lil Wayne Threatens To Pee In Mark Cuban’s Mouth As The Two Beef On Twitter

Lil Wayne and Mark Cuban are used to having enemies given that they’re both among the most successful figures in the competitive fields of hip-hop and business, respectively. Now, they’re facing off against each other, launching a Twitter feud that has so far peaked with Wayne proclaiming he will urinate in Cuban’s mouth.