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Lil Reese Appears to Say He’ll Box 6ix9ine for Up to $10 Million

Lil Reese may have proposed something that could possibly end his long-standing beef with 6ix9ine. The Chicago rapper seemingly appeared to have suggested that he’ll box Tekashi for upward of $10 million. On Sunday (April 24), Reese jumped on Twitter and slid into the comment section of boxing journalist...
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Lil Reese Offers Money to Support Tekashi’s Father

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s dad is in bad shape. While Tekashi is turning down money, his father is living in a shelter. Tekashi’s father is Daniel Hernandez and he spoke about his relationship with his son, revealing that he isn’t receiving any help from his son. “You think he’d come hook me up with something,” he said. “He’s been giving money to other people. … He gives money to everybody. ‘Here, here, here.’”

Lil Reese Says He Would Give 6ix9ine’s Dad Money

It’s no secret that 6ix9ine loves to troll Lil Reese, but it looks like the Chicago rapper was able to give Tekashi a taste of his own medicine. On Monday (June 28), Reese jumped on Twitter to taunt 6ix9ine after reports surfaced online that the Brooklyn rapper's father is homeless. In the Page Six article, published on June 25, the elder Daniel Hernandez Sr. claimed that his famous son won’t help him out.