ITZY Members Lia and Chaeryeong Had the Cutest Reactions to Fans' Outfits on TikTok

The ITZY members are not shy, so they didn't hold back when reacting to their fans on TikTok. Last week, the group took to the app to interact with their fans, Midzys, and the result is as heartwarming as you'd expect. Each of the members — Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna — watched Midzys' videos on TikTok, reacting to everything from dance covers to album collections to outfits. Lia and Chaeryeong happened to duet Midzys who were sharing their ITZY-themed looks and their reactions were so wholesome.
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Magnum PI season 4 episode 9: What was Lia’s big family secret?

As we prepared for tonight’s Magnum PI season 4 episode 9, we knew we’d be getting a chance to learn a little bit more about Lia. So what did we learn? About a third of the way into this installment, it was revealed that she was the daughter of Jonny Kim, one of the most powerful people within a local crime syndicate. As it turns out, Lia lived pretty much every day in a near-impossible situation. It seemed as though she wasn’t directly connected to the ransomware attack directed at the Honolulu PD, but there were still some questions about her. Katsumoto put trust in her, but did indicate that it was suspicious that she wouldn’t have revealed her connection to the syndicate in the past. After all, there are a lot of people who would wonder about that now.

Maryland Football Film Room - What went wrong vs. Iowa: Lia's struggles, Bootleg woes, and a bright spot

Many "experts" picked Maryland to upset Iowa. The game was a blowout in Iowa's favor by the second quarter. What happened?. When Dontay Demus was injured and fumbled on a kick-off return to start the second quarter, the score was 10-7 Iowa. At the time of his injury, Demus had 4 catches for 61 yards in 1 quarter of action. In one play, Maryland lost it's most explosive player, a chance to take the lead or tie, and put Iowa in scoring position. The momentum never swung back to Maryland's favor and the Terps never seemed to recover from this play.

Cold Courage season finale sneak peek: Will Mari keep track of Lia?

Cold Courage Season 1 comes to an end on Thursday. Check out this sneak peek of what Adrian has in store for Lia. Can Mari keep track of Lia?. It’s certainly not been an easy ride for Lia. Undercover cops train for years for this sort of thing, and Lia has just been thrown into the deep end. It’s clear in the clip that she’s fearful of what’s to come next.