Lexi Jayde

Lexi Jayde is one step 'Closer To Closure' [Interview]

Lexi Jayde has taken the internet by storm with her thoughtful, deeply emotional lyrics and gentle voice. Her new EP Closer To Closure details the breakup process in a way that feels so personal- but she uses vulnerability as a weapon, and she hones it well. "you don't deserve these...
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Ink Mints Digital Signatures for Artists, Starting With Lexi Jayde

Ink, a startup that uses blockchain to authenticate digital signatures, has announced the launch of its operations and its first artist partnership: Lexi Jayde. After raising a pre-seed round of $1.5 million from investors like Sound Ventures (Guy Oseary and Ashton Kutcher), Mark Cuban, Betaworks Ventures, Lupa Systems and more, Ink founder and longtime web3 entrepreneur Max Brody hopes his company can help fans create meaningful, lasting experiences with their favorite artist by creating a protocol for digital signatures on practically anything a fan could want signed.
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Lexi Jayde Is Waiting for Your Drunk Text

Whether we'll openly admit it or not, we've all anxiously waited for the possibility of a drunk text from an ex — the one-off 3 AM message that spills their guts after a few too many shots out with friends. For Lexi Jayde, the breakout musician who's risen to prominence on TikTok, this universal feeling is at the core of her latest single, "drunk text me."
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drunk text me – [Lexi Jayde]

These days it can be tough to go through my submission emails because of the sheer amount of requests that there are, but earlier today I stumbled across Lexi Jayde’s new release “Drunk Text Me”, and I thought it was great. To put it as simple as possible, Lexi Jayde is a fantastic vocalist who flexed her abilities on this new track. As you can obviously tell from the title, this one is centered around the experience that she had in a prior relationship, it’s a vulnerable track that I feel like her fan base can relate to. I might have just discovered Lexi Jayde’s music, but I am about to dive into her other releases and get more familiar with her, and I suggest that you do the same!


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