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Ric Flair Recalls Why He Dropped NWA World Title To Sting Instead Of Lex Luger In 1988

Ric Flair talked about WCW Clash of Champions in 1988 where he dropped the NWA World Heavyweight Championship to Sting during the first episode of the To Be The Man podcast. “I thought it was new and fresh. He had that look that very few guys have ever had,” Flair said. “I mean, the paint, very charismatic, and really athletic. It was just one of those things that worked out. I don’t think I’ve ever met a nicer guy.”
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Chuck Palumbo Recalls Working With Lex Luger in WCW

Chuck Palumbo recently looked back on his time in WCW and working with Lex Luger during that era. Palumbo spoke with Fightful and talked about his work in WCW at the end of the company’s lifespan, when he and Sean O’Haire were paired off in matches against Luger and Bagwell.

Lex Luger Discusses His Relationship With Randy Savage

Lex Luger discussed what his relationship was like with Randy Savage during a recent interview on Macho Mecca and more. Here are the highlights:. “Mach and I always had a great relationship. A lot of people don’t know that. We traveled down the road a lot. In spite of everything, including with Elizabeth, Mach and I always got along really, really well. I didn’t see any personality change with him but talk about a different look. I was like, ‘Mach, you look incredible.’ It might not have been the best for him wrestling-wise because he was carrying a lot of extra weight and none of us were spring chickens anymore at the time, but he looked incredible. Mach was always Mach, and did his personality change along with it? No.”

Wrestling With Kayfabe: 1996 WWF vs. WCW Debate, Lex Luger Jumps Ship, More

As a kid, there was nothing better than going to the local Walmart or gas station and perusing the newest wrestling magazines. Pro Wrestling Illustrated was considered the gold standard, but I wasn’t picky. From The Wrestler, to Inside Wrestling, to WWF Magazine, to RAW Magazine, to WOW Magazine, to any of the others that popped up throughout the years, I loved them all.
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MVW and Lex Luger Deliver CLASSIC$

Opposites come together for a harmonious result on the first collab album between classical music composer, Michael Vincent Waller (MVW) and multi-platinum hip-hop producer, Lex Luger. Together, the duo combine to release a one-of-a-kind project. The 8-song LP sees them explore a sub-genre that has yet to be saturated and could possibly be the foundation for a brand-new wave of innovation.

Platinum producer Lex Luger releases sound pack via BandLab Sounds

Following its largest feature expansion to date, social music creation app BandLab is releasing a new sound pack by Platinum producer Lex Luger, who has produced tracks for Jay Z, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, and more. The new Hip Hop mix features constructor kits, 808, keys, pads, and percussion through...
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Bear Swamp Mudder: Bringing Lex Luger, Sting and Ron Simmons

Tracy Story said it is going to be a lot of fun. He is talking about the first ever Bear Swamp Mudder taking place Aug. 20-22, on Ashley Mohorn’s farm in Littleton. “Let’s try something new and think a little bit outside the box and have a little bravery,” he said. “I think you’ll enjoy it, I’m excited — it’s getting closer and closer.”

Reason Why The Kevin Nash and Lex Luger WWE Network Specials Didn’t Air As Scheduled

Kevin Nash’s appearance on Broken Skull Sessions as well as the Lex Luger: Icons documentary didn’t air on the WWE Network/Peacock as originally scheduled. Mike Johnson of noted that both specials are completed and are still scheduled to air at some point. Johnson explained the situation:. “ has been...

Jim Ross Talks Lex Luger Not Being In The WWE Hall Of Fame

On the latest episode of the Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross talked about the illustrious career of former WCW and WWF superstar Lex Luger. During the podcast, Ross discussed the fact that despite being a former WCW World Champion and WWE main eventer, Luger still isn’t a WWE Hall of Famer.
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“WWE Icons” documentary on Lex Luger delayed

SPOTLIGHTED PODCAST ALERT (YOUR ARTICLE BEGINS A FEW INCHES DOWN)... WWE has delayed the Lex Luger episode of “WWE Icons.”. Wrestling Inc. is reporting that while the Luger episode of the series was set to drop on the 4th of July, the company decided to hold it back so it could premiere with a stronger lead-in.
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WWE Pulls Lex Luger ‘Icons’ Documentary Ahead Of Premiere

WWE has pulled their upcoming Lex Luger “Icons” documentary which was set to premiere on Sunday, July 4. The trailer and advertising for the documentary have been pulled from WWE digital, and the company’s Youtube channel. According to PWInsider, WWE sources claim the company will no longer premiere the documentary...