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Letesenbet Gidey breaks two-day-old 10,000m world record in super spikes

The extraordinary spate of athletics world records in the super spikes era continued on Tuesday as Letesenbet Gidey smashed the two-day-old women’s 10,000m best, set by Sifan Hassan on Sunday, by more than five seconds. It was the latest in a long line of staggering performances in the game-changing technology,...
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Letesenbet Gidey runs superb WR at 10,000m, 29:01.03, breaking two day old record by Sifan Hassan!

Sifan Hassan goes 29:06.82 on June 6, 2021 photo by FBK Hengelo. Sifan Hassan sets a 10,000m WR on Sunday, June 6, 2021. That lasted two days!. Two days later, at the Ethiopian Olympic Trials, on June 8, 2021, Ethiopian Letensebet Gidey, the silver medalist at 10,000m from Doha WC in 2019, added the 10,000m WR to her world record list. Last fall, Letensebet ran 14:06.62 for a new 5000m WR. Tuesday, in Hengelo, Letensebet Gidey runs 29:01.03, over five seconds under the two day old WR!
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Letesenbet Gidey: Ethiopian breaks two-day-old women's 10,000m world record

Ethiopia's Letesenbet Gidey broke the women's 10,000m world record by more than five seconds - just two days after it had previously been smashed. Gidey ran 29 minutes 1.03 seconds at the Ethiopian trials in Hengelo, the Netherlands. On Sunday, Dutch runner Sifan Hassan had broken the previous record, set...

Letesenbet Gidey breaks 2-day-old world record in 10,000m

Ethiopian Letesenbet Gidey lowered the women’s 10,000m world record, two days after Sifan Hassan broke it on the same track in Hengelo, Netherlands. Gidey, who on Oct. 7 broke the 5000m world record, clocked 29:01.03 at the Ethiopian Olympic Trials (yes, the Ethiopian Trials are being held in the Netherlands). She took 5.79 seconds off Hassan’s record from Sunday.

Letesenbet Gidey smashes 10,000m world record

Letesenbet Gidey strikes again with a beautiful performance. After breaking the 5000m world record in Valencia in October, she broke another world record in Hengelo today. During the Ethiopian Trials she took the two days old world record by more than 5 seconds. Aided by pacemaker Jackline Rotich, Letesenbet produced...

Letesenbet Gidey Breaks Sifan Hassan’s 2-Day Old 10,000 World Record, Runs 29:01.03 in Hengelo

For the second time in three days, the women’s 10,000-meter record was broken in the Dutch city of Hengelo. Less than 55 hours after the Netherlands’ Sifan Hassan ran 29:06.82 to take over 10 seconds off Almaz Ayana’s 29:17.45 world record at the Fanny Blankers-Koen Games, Ethiopia’s Letesenbet Gidey took to the very same track for the Ethiopian Olympic Trials and slashed a further five seconds off Hassan’s mark by running 29:01.03. Gidey now holds world records at both 5,000 and 10,000 meters, having set the record of 14:06.62 for the former distance in Valencia in October.

Gudaf Tsegay vs Letesenbet Gidey at 2021 Ethiopian Championships 5000m

During the 2021 Ethiopian National Championships 5000m race that took place Addis Ababa stadium on April 11, Gudaf Tsegay, drafted off of Letesenbet Gidey for more than 11.5 laps before taking the lead in commanding fashion. The two separated themselves from the field early. Gidey, whether it was planned or not, became the pacer and that is the way the race played until they slowed after 10 laps had passed.