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Do not rehire: A vote for Leslie Rutledge is a vote for …

Blue Hog put it coarsely; Tom Mars a little more politely. We have always known Leslie Rutledge wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. But remember her statement yesterday when you vote for lieutenant governor in November. It’s a meaningless job, true. But do voters really want to give this seditious person a public platform? Kelly Krout is the Democratic nominee.
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Attorney General Leslie Rutledge signs certification prohibiting abortion in Arkansas

To a small room on the second floor of the Tower Building, police escorts accompanied press and dignitaries up an elevator to a press conference certifying the prohibition of abortion in the state of Arkansas. They had time to print these cordial announcement cards beforehand. It’s like an afternoon tea! But ya know, less Earl Grey and biscuits, more “rob you of your bodily autonomy.”

Gary B.: Amazing win without a runoff for Leslie Rutledge

It had to be one of the amazing wins without a runoff in quite a while in Arkansas politics, if ever. In this week’s six-person Republican primary race for Arkansas Lieutenant Governor, Leslie Rutledge garnered over 55% of the vote to win the office without a runoff. Rutledge received 75% of the vote in her home county of Independence.

Leslie Rutledge wins Republican nomination for Lt. Governor

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — In a crowded field in the race for Lieutenant Governor, attorney general Leslie Rutledge finishes on top. Six Republicans are faced off for the Lieutenant Governor ticket, including state Senator Jason Rapert, Doyle Webb, Joseph Wood, Chris Bequette, and Greg Bledsoe. This race was closely...