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Lera Lynn Reflects on Major Changes of Motherhood on Something More Than Love

The early days of the COVID-19 pandemic catalyzed career upheavals and periods of personal reflection for many Nashville musicians, but 2020 marked an especially transformative time for Lera Lynn. As global lockdowns and quarantines became new societal norms, the accomplished singer-songwriter found herself trying to navigate those strange times while adjusting to life as a new mother.
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LISTEN: Lera Lynn, “What Is This Body?”

In Their Words: “We all go through so many iterations of physical self, especially women. We grow, we mature, we thrive, we age, we wither and die. Through all of those changes we are made to examine our physical selves and reconcile what we once were with what we’re becoming. It’s a never-ending identity challenge.

Lera Lynn – “Illusion”: Local Artist of the Week

Happy Monday! Allow us to introduce you to our next Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week, Lera Lynn! Lynn is gearing up to release her sixth studio album “Something More Than Love” on July 15. Four singles from the album have already dropped, one of which is “Illusion.” The track fades in with the hauntingly beautiful instrumentalism of Lynn’s band before her timeless voice joins in. The song is cosmic, peaceful and perfectly produced. It’s dreamy and dramatic – like your favorite movie montage.

WATCH: Lera Lynn, “Illusion”

In Their Words: “It’s a rare and deeply beautiful feeling to think you could allow someone to get close enough to commit to each other in a really meaningful way. I’ve only ever had that feeling for one person and it felt like an idea that had been written into existence before me; like I was just following a path I was meant to take; such a beautifully alarming feeling that I struggled to believe it. ‘Illusion’ is the beginning of the story of Something More Than Love and is set against a backdrop of dreamy synths, punchy drums and bass and the sound of my ’60s electric guitar. … It doesn’t feel like a new direction to me. It just feels like a progression. My fans have come to expect a new experience with each new album. I think people are ready for this sound and this energy. I certainly am.” — Lera Lynn.

Lera Lynn on Mountain Stage

Perhaps best known as the dive bar singer in the second season of HBO's True Detective, Lera Lynn played her role authentically – after all, she was singing her own veiled, minor-keyed work in it. Lynn lives in East Nashville, and brought along well-known Nashville studio guitarist Todd Lombardo...

Lera Lynn at Manchester Bread Shed

Staying the night in Manchester? Find somewhere near Manchester's Bread Shed for this Lera Lynn show. Explore your options on the map above and Book Your (Fully Refundable) Concert Hotel Today!
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Lera Lynn scores a double victory for independents

Nashville’s Lera Lynn, who has struggled for a decade to get her exceptional writing and arranging noticed, scored a dual victory in late November, proving there may be hope for independent labels. On Black Friday, Lynn’s Live & Unplugged from Vinyl Tap (Ruby Range Records) proved one of the most interesting and popular Record Store Day releases nationwide. The album caught her band holding court at a Nashville brewpub and record store, playing select recent cuts like “Dark Horse,” along with intriguing covers like Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun.”

Lera Lynn with Andrew Combs at Stage Door Theatre

Intimate settings for singer-songwriter performances are common, in fact, I would argue that is the norm. Charlotte, NC houses many venues that could cater well to an intimate setting and likely none better suited than the Stage Door Theatre. Part of the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, the Stage Door Theatre is tucked away with a small entrance that if you are not looking for it, you can walk right by. This unique space brings in an eclectic group of acts many of which you simply will not have a chance to see anywhere else in the city. This night singer-songwriter Lera Lynn came to town and she brought with her another amazing talent in support on this tour in Andrew Combs.

Lera Lynn is Heading to Charlotte This Weekend

Touring in support of her latest album On My Own, acclaimed singer-songwriter Lera Lynn will be making a stop right here in the Queen City as she heads to the Stage Door Theater this Sunday, October 24th for what is sure to be a stellar performance. Written and released during...

REVIEW: Lera Lynn / Grayson Jenkins at The Southgate House Revival

After 18+ months locked down, parts of the world seem to be moving back towards something resembling “normal” – for many of us, there’s no greater indicator of normal than live music. After a few months of live shows returning to our favorite stalwart venues, cautious optimism may have started to usurp the existential dread of a global pandemic, with the indie artists we love – or will soon love – taking the stage again.

Conversation with Lera Lynn proves she’s very capable of being On Her Own

Singer/songwriter Lera Lynn recorded, produced, sang, wrote all the songs, and played all the instruments on her latest album aptly titled On My Own. It’s an excellent album and proves she’s more than capable of seeing a vision to its completion. We caught up with her before her show this coming Saturday, October 9th at Zanzabar.
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Lera Lynn strikes out on her own and emerges with a career-defining album

When Lera Lynn started to work on the songs that would become 2020 album On My Own, she had reached a point where she was beginning to question her direction in life. “I was sort of stepping back and going, ‘Where did time go? Is this what I want to be doing?’” said Lynn, who visits Ace of Cups for a concert on Friday, Oct. 8. “I’ve dedicated my life to traveling and performing and making records, and while it’s incredibly rewarding, you always wonder what it’s like on the other side, and if you’re missing out on something. I think this record was me processing what I had envisioned for myself and how that was or wasn’t reflected in my reality at the time.”

Lera Lynn Coming to The Southgate House Revival

Thursday, October 7th, The Southgate House Revival in Newport, KY will host a performance by Indie-Americana singer-songwriter Lera Lynn, with a supporting set by Kentucky’s own Grayson Jenkins. Lynn, best known for her turn on HBO’s True Detective, as well as her album of duets, Plays Well With Others, featuring...