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Leonardo da Vinci Designs the Ideal City: See 3D Models of His Radical Design

Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ray Bradbury: they and other 20th-century notables all gave serious thought to the ideal city, what it would include and what it would exclude. To that extent we could describe them, in 21st-century parlance, as urbanists. But the roots of the discipline — or area of research, or profession, or obsession — we call urbanism run all the way back to the 15th century. At that time, early in the European Renaissance, thinkers were reconsidering a host of conditions taken for granted in the medieval period, from man’s place in the universe (and indeed the universe itself) to the disposal of his garbage. Few of these figures thought as far ahead, or across as many fields as Leonardo da Vinci.
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Chris Bosh on How to Reinvent Yourself, The Way and The Power, the Poison of Complaining, Leonardo Da Vinci, and More (#515)

“You can have a pity party, but after a while, [people are] going to get tired of you complaining. They’re going to be complaining about you.”. Chris Bosh (@chrisbosh) fell in love with basketball at an early age and earned the prestigious “Mr. Basketball” title while still in high school (Lincoln High School) in Dallas, Texas. A McDonald’s All-American, Bosh was selected fourth overall by the Toronto Raptors after one year attending Georgia Tech. By the end of his basketball career, he was an 11-time NBA All-Star, two-time champion, and the NBA’s first Global Ambassador of Basketball. In March of 2019, Bosh’s #1 Jersey was officially retired for the Miami Heat. In addition to his basketball career, Bosh founded the community-uplift organization Team Tomorrow in 2010 and regularly speaks to youth about the benefits of reading, coding, and leadership. Bosh, his wife Adrienne, and their five children reside in Austin, Texas.
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Thinking like Leonardo da Vinci will help children tackle climate change

UK researchers say we need a radical shake-up of the curriculum to ensure arts and sciences are no longer taught separately. Different disciplines should be taught together to encourage critical thinking and problem solving. Taking a transdisciplinary approach like Da Vinci’s will better teach children how to tackle problems such...
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Leonardo da Vinci bear sketch could fetch over $16M

A tiny sketch of a bear by Leonardo da Vinci is expected to sell for over $16 million at auction. The item is one of only eight Leonardo drawings left in private hands, according Christie's, the auction house organizing the sale. Measuring less than 8 square inches, the drawing was...
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This small Leonardo da Vinci sketch of a bear expected to sell for $16 million

One of eight sketches by Leonardo da Vinci still privately owned, this 8-inch square sketch of a bear will go up for auction next month. It's expected to sell for between $11 and $16 million. That's twice the price that the most expensive Leonardo sketch sold for twenty years ago—"Horse and Rider" for $11.2 million. Leonardo created "Head of a Bear" using silverpoint, a technique in which the artist draws with a silver wire stylus on chemically-treated paper. From CNN:
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Leonardo da Vinci bear head could make record for drawing by the artist

A study of a bear's head by Leonardo da Vinci will go on sale at Christie's London on 8 July with an estimate of £8m to £12m ($11.2m to $16.9m). Measuring 7cm by 7cm, this silverpoint drawing on pale pink beige paper was executed around 1480 and is one of eight known Leonardo drawings still in private hands, excluding those in the British Royal Collection and the Devonshire Collections at Chatsworth.
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Leonardo da Vinci bear drawing is expected to fetch £12m at auction

A drawing of a bear by Leonardo da Vinci is expected to fetch up to £12m at auction. The picture, titled Head of a Bear, is being sold in London by Christie’s. It will go on display in New York and Hong Kong before being auctioned and is expected to fetch between £8m and £12m, according to the auction house.
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Is Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci? Amid the current flurry of ill-informed controversies, let us turn to the science

This is, or could have been, a review of a book that was never published, the existence of which has never been officially acknowledged. Its non-publication by Hazan for the Musée du Louvre coincided with the non-appearance of the Salvator Mundi in the French museum’s remarkable exhibition, Leonardo da Vinci, in 2019-20. The authors, who miss this significant item from their lists of publications, are Vincent Delieuvin, the curator responsible, and two members of the national Centre de recherche et de restauration des musées de France, Myriam Eveno and Elisabeth Ravaud. The non-book seems to have flitted momentarily across the shelves of the Louvre bookshop on 18 December 2019. (It should be understood, in relation to what follows, that I am not confessing to owning a copy of the non-book.)

Aidan Turner ‘intimidated’ by challenge of showing real Leonardo da Vinci

Aidan Turner says he was “intimidated” by the challenge of showing Leonardo da Vinci as a man, rather than the artist behind numerous great works. The Poldark actor, 37, stars as the Renaissance painter in an Amazon Prime series depicting his life and works, but admitted to initially struggling with how to characterise him on screen.
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‘Immersive art experience’ in Tsawwassen to showcase work of Leonardo Da Vinci

An “immersive art experience” featuring the work of Leonardo Da Vinci is coming to Tsawwassen Mills this summer. The Da Vinci Experience is billed as a visual and sensory celebration of the life and work of the renowned artist, inventor, engineer, innovator and genius. Visitors will be able to walk through the life and studio of Da Vinci in a fully immersive visual experience and sensory exhibit.

Leonardo da Vinci definitely did not sculpt the Flora bust

"It is machination, it is deception," said the director general of the Berlin Royal Museums in his defense when criticized for buying a fake. Wilhelm Bode did not budge an inch: The sculpture he acquired in 1909 was an as-yet unknown production of the great Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci.
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Mohammed bin Salman's $450million Salvator Mundi may be the work of Leonardo da Vinci after all: Claims the master only 'contributed' to the painting are dismissed

A Salvator Mundi painting which Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman allegedly paid $450million to own may in fact have been created by Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci after all. The expensive painting of Christ, dubbed the 'male Mona Lisa', has not been seen in public since it was reportedly...