Lenny Clarke

Lenny Clarke thanks MGH "for saving my life again"

CAMBRIDGE - Local comedian Lenny Clarke is thanking Massachusetts General Hospital staff for some life-saving medical care. "The dead live," Clarke posted to Facebook Sunday, along with a picture from his hospital bed. "Thank you MGH for saving my life AGAIN."The 68-year-old didn't say why he was in the hospital, but thanked everyone for their prayers.Clarke recovered from a stroke two years ago. 
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‘Good Friends With Both Of Them’: Lenny Clarke Not Taking Sides After Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock

FOXBORO (CBS) – As Chris Rock prepared to take the stage for the first time since he was slapped by Will Smith at the Oscars, comedian Lenny Clarke said he could not take sides in the controversy. “I’m good friends with both of them,” Clarke said. “They’re producers, they’re directors. I can’t take a side, I want to work!” Clarke was in Foxboro Wednesday night headlining the “Fools’ Night Out” comedy event benefiting The Light Foundation. Comedian Lenny Clarke (WBZ-TV) He does not believe the incident was staged. “No. Will Smith is a big kid. You saw him in Ali,” Clarke said. “I said, wow he took a good shot.” While the slap was shocking to many, Clarke said similar incidents have happened to him. “That’s happened to me several times,” Clarke said. “Bottles, chair, knife. I don’t make light jokes sometimes.” Clarke said he is glad the slap was not a punch. “That might have been the end of the Oscars as we know it,” he said.