Lemmy Kilmister

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How Lemmy Kilmister found his terrifying bass tones: “I just turn it up really loud and hit it really hard!”

“I’m made for bass – I’m supposed to play bass, that’s what I’m supposed to do,” said Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister, who departed for the great gig in the sky in December 2015. In our world, bass is indeed what the great man remains best known for, but let’s not forget that he was many other things, too – a singer, songwriter, guitarist, blues harp player, TV personality, actor, and most certainly a bon viveur.

5 Cocktails To Raise In Honor Of Lemmy Kilmister

Legendary Motörhead frontman/bassist Lemmy Kilmister passed away six years ago today (December 28), but this should not be a sad day. Instead, you should raise a glass in his honor. While Lemmy was known for slinging Jack & Cokes on the daily to the point where after his death...

Six Years Ago: Motorhead Pioneer Lemmy Kilmister Dies

The last two years of his life, Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister was plagued with health problems. Still, the rock and roll legend, who seemingly spent half his career with a tall glass of Jack Daniels lightly flavored with Coca-Cola in his hand, appeared to be indestructible. And up to the very end he strived to live up to the role, performing a series of eardrum-bursting concerts in Europe during the final month of his life, not knowing his body was riddled with an aggressive form of cancer. And even though he felt like s--t the entire time, he still planned to return to Europe in January to continue touring.