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‘Beef’: ‘Minari’ Director Lee Isaac Chung Will Reportedly Reteam With Steven Yeun For Netflix/A24’s Series

2021 has been a great year for Steven Yeun. The former “Walking Dead” actor has continued his quest to choose better and better projects, especially this year, with “Minari” earning raves and awards recognition, then later with “Invincible,” the acclaimed Amazon animated series. Now, it would appear 2022 might actually be even bigger for the actor. And part of that reason is that he’s likely going to reteam with his “Minari” filmmaker, Lee Isaac Chung, on one of the most anticipated series in development, “Beef.”
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Live-Action ‘Your Name’ Remake Loses ‘Minari’ Director Lee Isaac Chung

A lot has changed for Minari director Lee Isaac Chung signed on to helm a live-action remake of hit anime Your Name. For one thing, his Korean-American drama won a bunch of awards, and was nominated for a whopping six Oscars. He’s now one of the most sought-after filmmakers around, and that means a very crowded schedule. You can probably see where this is going.

Hollywood's Your Name Adaptation Loses Minari Director Lee Isaac Chung

If you will recall, Makoto Shinkai's Your Name set its sights on Hollywood not too long ago. It was announced some years back that JJ Abrams was producing an adaptation of the anime film with his Bad Robot Productions umbrella. But as it turns out, the film just hit a snag following a director's exit.

‘Your Name’ Remake Loses ‘Minari’ Director Lee Isaac Chung

Bad omen, or just a temporary and innocuous setback?. Many skeptical eyebrows were raised with the announcement that Hollywood would be taking a stab at remaking the immensely popular Japanese anime Your Name. Now, however, one of the biggest reasons to be hopeful about the project has walked out the door. Minari director Lee Isaac Chung, previously announced to both direct and rewrite the latest draft of the script, has bowed out from helming the remake.

Director Lee Isaac Chung Exits Paramount’s Live-Action Your Name Movie

According to Deadline, Oscar-nominated filmmaker Lee Isaac Chung (Minari) is officially no longer set to direct and write Paramount Pictures’ long-in-development film adaptation of Makoto Shinkai’s hit fantasy anime pic Your Name. His withdrawal from the live-action project was reportedly due to scheduling conflicts. The outlet notes that the studio has already started talking to several potential filmmakers to replace Chung.

Marshall Congratulates Oscar Nominated Director, Lee Isaac Chung for Best Picture: Minari

Mr. Lee Isaac Chung, has been one of the mentors and consultants for the Marshall Fundamental Afterschool Filmmaking, Screenwriting, and Production Enrichment Class from 2016 to 2020. Mr. Chung was introduced to the Marshall Fundamental students through current parent and Axia Project Founder (, Joshua Chen. What started out as a 10 week project expanded and grew over a four year period and extended bringing in other professional filmmakers, writers, and directors.
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PROFILE: Between Lee Isaac Chung and Me

When I reached out to Lee Isaac Chung to request an interview, he tentatively agreed, then gently asked if I’d gotten the chance to see “Minari” from all the way in Taiwan, where I’m taking my COVID-19 gap year. I sheepishly told him that I’d planned to watch it before our interview but I had not.

Minari director Lee Isaac Chung: ‘We can’t rely on institutions or awards to make progress for us’

In Minari, a young Korean couple work as chicken sexers in Arkansas. They sit in the dark beneath an overhead lamp, handling hundreds of yellow chirping cotton balls daily, flipping them upside down and based on what they see, sorting them into two plastic crates. Red or blue; girl or boy. It is mundane work, the film’s writer and director Lee Isaac Chung knows that. “Who would want to watch a film about farmers who are chicken sexers?” he asks earnestly. A film that many audiences will have to watch with subtitles. Chung smiles in the knowledge that the answer...