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Lee Child: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale changed me – hopefully for the better’

The first coherent sentence I read was a newspaper headline: “Manchester closes down.” I learned to read aged three, by eavesdropping on my mother going over my older brother’s primary-school lessons, and I practised off the back of my father’s paper at the breakfast table (the Manchester Guardian, as it happened). I knew about shops and factories closing down, but I couldn’t understand a whole city suffering that fate. It turned out to mean that share prices on the Manchester stock exchange had declined the day before.
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Actor Alan Ritchson and Author Lee Child chat new Prime Video hit series ‘Reacher’

HOUSTON – The new Prime Video hit series ‘Reacher’ stars Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher, a former veteran military police investigator who returns to normal civilian life. However, during his tour of the country, Reacher finds himself framed for a crime he didn’t commit, and must work to clear his name while at the same time uncovering a secret conspiracy.
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Why Reacher Author Lee Child Was 'Almost In Tears' At The End Of The Show's First Season

Audience members who made it to the end of the Amazon Prime Video series Reacher learned a hard truth that fans of the Lee Child books have known for years. The hero (played on screen by Alan Ritchson in the new show) moves on after each adventure has concluded, and because he travels light, he leaves people behind in his dust. Child, himself, knows this and yet, the realization that stellar actors Willa Fitzgerald and Malcolm Goodwin wouldn’t be able to stick around for the recently announced second season of Reacher had the bestselling author in literal tears.

'Reacher' Showrunner Nick Santora on Auditioning to Helm the Prime Video Series and Collaborating With Lee Child

From showrunner Nick Santora (Scorpion, Prison Break) and based on Lee Child’s first Jack Reacher novel Killing Floor, Season 1 of the Prime Video series Reacher follows veteran military police investigator Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson), a man as intimidating as he is tall. Although he appears to be a mysterious drifter when he shows up in the small town of Margrave, Georgia, bodies start gruesomely piling up and a conspiracy emerges that not only puts him directly in the crosshairs but also makes him easy to point the finger at, leaving him wondering who he can trust and how he can prove his innocence.
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'Reacher' Interviews | Alan Ritchson, Malcolm Goodwin, Willa Fitzgerald And Lee Child

Amazon Prime Video’s Reacher series is taking the streaming world by storm, having already been renewed for a second season. So of course CinemaBlend’s Managing Editor Sean O’Connell had to gather the stars of the hit show, including Alan Ritchson, Malcolm Goodwin, Willa Fitzgerald, and the Jack Reacher author himself, Lee Child, to discuss all things Reacher… including a few of their favorite spoilers.

Jack Reacher author Lee Child explains why book readers didn’t like Tom Cruise as character

Lee Child has explained why fans of his Jack Reacher books didn’t approve of Tom Cruise’s casting in the film franchise.Cruise played the former Military Police officer in two films in 2012 and 2016, but a contingent of book fans didn’t think he was right for the role.This was due to Cruise’s height – in the books, Reacher is described as being “extremely tall” (he’s 6ft, 5in), and “extremely broad, long-armed and long-legged”. In real life, Cruise is 5ft, 7in.Speaking to about the backlash to Cruise, author Child said: “There was criticism from the book fans, because...

Lee Child interview: 'Reacher is a reluctant action hero'

Reacher, streaming now on Prime Video, is a show based on a character that needs little introduction. He is one of the most popular literary detectives of all time, starring in some 26 novels and myriad short stories. This isn't the first time, though, that we have seen Jack Reacher...

Alan Ritchson Talks Reacher, The Long Audition Process And Meeting Lee Child

Having stormed through 26 bestselling novels so far, Lee Child's taciturn ex-military behemoth Jack Reacher has become the stuff of literary legend. He infamously lost a few inches when last translated to the screen, but that wrong is about to be righted in Reacher, Amazon Prime Video's new eight-episode series adapting Child's first Reacher book, Killing Floor. Filling the impressive, enormous boots of the main man himself is Titans star Alan Ritchson, who dropped by the Empire podcast to explain how his Reacher is the real deal, and that he's here for the long haul.

New Jack Reacher novel from Lee Child and his brother, Andrew

Bestselling authors and brothers Lee and Andrew Child have crafted a new Jack Reacher thriller: "Better Off Dead." It is filled with all the trademark suspense and breakneck pacing (and body count, of course!) that have become the series’ hallmarks. Joe talks to people on the radio for a...
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Lee Child slams outdated James Bond

'James Bond' has been branded as an outdated hero by writer Lee Child. The 'Jack Reacher' author has suggested that it is time that 007 is killed off as he feels the spy is an "antidote to British Imperial decline" and "no longer has a place" in the modern world.