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Lee Chatfield made LGBT friends in Lansing, and they don’t see his resignation as a ‘win’

After Dana Nessel won the Attorney General race in 2018, she got a note from incoming House Speaker Lee Chatfield congratulating her. She thought it was sarcastic. Nessel had built her political brand as a tireless LGBT advocate and a progressive Democrat. Chatfield, R-Levering, was a conservative Republican who had gotten to Lansing by challenging an opponent who proposed extending civil rights to LGBT people.
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Lee Chatfield Resigns From Southwest Michigan First

Kalamazoo residents sent a loud and resounding message in response to news that former Speaker of the Michigan House of Representative, Lee Chatfield, was hired as the new CEO of SouthWest Michigan First. Chatfield, a divisive figure in Lansing and statewide for his anti-LGBTQIA+ stances both personally and legislatively was seen as a remarkably poor choice by the widely progressive minded Kalamazoo citizens.
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Southwest Michigan First Accepts Lee Chatfield Resignation

Former Michigan Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield resigned from his job as CEO of Southwest Michigan First, just 11 days after his hire. The board of the economic development organization accepted the resignation and indicated that they may have rushed to replace former CEO Ron Kitchens. In a release,...
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‘For the Sake of My Conscience’ Lee Chatfield Resigns From Southwest Michigan First

In what one hopes is the final chapter on a controversy that’s racked the LGBTQ+ community in Michigan and their allies, as well as Kalamazoo as a whole, former House Speaker Lee Chatfield has abruptly resigned from his post as CEO of Southwest Michigan First after serving less than two weeks. The announcement came via Chatfield’s Twitter account and in an email announcement by the organization. Chatfield acknowledged that his arrival in Kalamazoo has caused controversy “and for that I am truly sorry.”
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Lee Chatfield resigns as CEO of Southwest Michigan First after criticism from Kalamazoo community

KALAMAZOO, MI — Lee Chatfield, who was named the CEO of Southwest Michigan Frist last week, has resigned, according to a Tweet from Chatfield this morning. “For the betterment of the Kalamazoo community, the businesses that the board of directors represent, the staff at SWMF and for the sake of my conscience, please see the letter of resignation I offered this morning. I remain grateful for having had this incredible opportunity.” Chatfield said on Twitter on Monday, Feb. 22.
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Lee Chatfield resigns as CEO of Southwest Michigan First

On Monday morning, CEO of Southwest Michigan First, Lee Chatfield, shared his resignation letter on his Twitter account, along with a message attached to his tweet. The former Michigan House Speaker resignation comes after facing community pushback after he was named CEO of Southwest Michigan First. He was CEO for less than two weeks.
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Lee Chatfield resigns from new job after pushback on LGBTQ policy positions

The former speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives has resigned as the head of an economic development organization just days after taking the job following significant pushback from community and business leaders. The objections to Lee Chatfield leading Southwest Michigan First arise from his efforts as speaker to block...
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Lee Chatfield quits Southwest Michigan First amid uproar over his politics

LANSING — Former Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield is now also the former director of Southwest Michigan First after resigning his new post less than two weeks into the job. Chatfield's hiring sparked an outcry in the Kalamazoo area, where critics argued the Levering Republican's public opposition to expanding anti-discrimination...
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Lee Chatfield Supports Amending Michigan Law to Add LGBTQ Protections, EQMI Executive Director Comments

KALAMAZOO — Equality Michigan Executive Director and Kalamazoo City Commissioner, Erin Knott, made the following statement regarding the announcement of Ex-House Speaker Lee Chatfield’s support of Elliott-Larsen amendment. “It’s encouraging to learn Mr. Chatfield intends to support an amendment to the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act, to include sexual orientation and...