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Appreciation: Mark Peel, ‘the LeBron James of the grill,’ an intellectually curious chef’s chef

Mark Peel came of age during the rise of the celebrity chef — he was Wolfgang Puck’s opening chef at Spago, after all. I can’t say he objected to the attention that came his way after 1989 when he and Nancy Silverton opened Campanile, a restaurant that helped define urban rustic cuisine and was an essential part of Los Angeles’ food scene until its 2012 closure. Yet Peel was less a celebrity chef than a chef’s chef, most comfortable behind the grill or sharing with customers an oddball fact he’d just read.
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Los Angeles Lakers: 3 sharpshooting free agents to pair with LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers have a long offseason ahead after being eliminated by the surging Phoenix Suns in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. Although their championship dream has ceased for the season, perhaps the time off will do this team some good. The Lakers saw their title hopes vanish with a slew of injuries that bombarded the roster time and time again, and the extra rest to heal up will certainly be beneficial heading into next year.
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LeBron James Reacts To NBA Executive Of The Year News

Phoenix Suns general manager James Jones, one of LeBron James‘ close friends and former teammates, had a huge day on Sunday. Jones’ team beat the Los Angeles Clippers 120-114 in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. The win came just after the 40-year-old was named the NBA Executive of the Year.
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Kevin Durant Receives Harsh LeBron James Message From Magic Johnson

Brooklyn Nets small forward Kevin Durant had an incredible 2021 postseason, reminding everyone he’s one of the greatest scorers in NBA history. However, as has been the case his entire career, he’s still not better than Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. That’s at least what Hall of Famer Magic...
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Los Angeles Lakers: 2 former LeBron James teammates to sign

LeBron James is the backbone of the Los Angeles Lakers. It is extremely obvious to say, but LeBron and Anthony Davis are the only two players that really matter in LA. Surrounding them with role players is important, but those role players could be anyone. The Lakers are going to...
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NBA’s LeBron James and Chief Content Officer Jamal Henderson are a winning combination at The Springhill Company

NBA phenom LeBron James and his manager/business partner Maverick Carter founded SpringHill entertainment in 2007. Their first project, a documentary, “More Than a Game” in 2008 followed James and his Akron, Ohio high school teammates through the ups and downs of high school basketball, and ultimately his journey to fame. Since then, the company – now known as The SpringHill Company – has grown with more than 30 projects under their belt with several more on the way according to Jamal Henderson, the company’s chief content officer, in a recent interview featured on the AAFCA Podcast.

Lakers news: Stephen A. Smith says Kevin Durant is better than LeBron James because of free-throw percentage

With Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant putting up incredible performances in the NBA playoffs despite being eliminated, debates have sparked across the NBA world over who is the best player in the league. Durant has shown he can play as he did before his devastating Achilles injury, which didn't seem likely when he first injured it. Durant averaged 34.3 points, 9.3 rebounds, 4.4 assists, 1.5 steals and 1.6 blocks in 12 playoff games, which had many people saying he's the best in the league.
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2 former LeBron James teammates the Lakers should avoid at all costs

The Los Angeles Lakers have big decisions to make this offseason. Here’s what they shouldn’t do. The Los Angeles Lakers are in win-now mode this offseason as they try to capture another NBA title while LeBron James is in town. The 36-year-old has two years left on his current contract, and while he may not be ready for retirement just yet, there are no guarantees he will finish his career as a Laker.

LeBron James Reacts To Scouting Report On Bronny

Long before he joined the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James was widely considered the perfect prospect coming out of high school. The kid from Akron, Ohio was a 6'8″ forward who had an NBA-ready body while possessing high-level hoops skills and basketball IQ as a teenager. While the Lakers star's son Bronny isn't exactly the same caliber of prospect, he's still a pretty interesting talent that has upside and translatable strengths on the basketball court.