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Lauran Hibberd delivers witty lyricism and charm on new ‘Goober’ EP

Rising alternative star Lauran Hibberd is proving why her music matters with her new EP, Goober, via eOne. In a genre with so much competition for airwaves, Hibberd shines brightly with her refreshingly spunky sound and sarcastic lyricism. From “How Am I Still Alive?,” the indie-rock collab with Lydia Night of the Regrettes to the darker stylings of “You Never Looked So Cool,” there’s no question that Hibberd has made a personal yet fun EP.
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Lauran Hibberd has released a new video for ‘Bleugh’

Lauran Hibberd has released a new video for ‘Bleugh’. It's a track from her upcoming ‘Goober’ EP is set for release on 30th July ahead of an October headline tour. “After being stuck inside for a good part of the last year, I wanted to get out and film something super fun and blow off some steam," she says.
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This week’s new tracks: Lauran Hibberd, Clairo, DellaXOZ

A noise that normally greets either toilet bowl or the Best Friends WhatsApp group after a particularly eye-rolling Tinder episode, Bleugh is not the nicest of onomatopoeic words. Nonetheless, it sets singer-songwriter Lauran Hibberd up for a dose of noisy Britpop catharsis, shaking off the stresses of a deadbeat boyfriend. As the old saying goes: some things really are better out than in.

Lauran Hibberd Wants to Put the Isle of Wight On the Musical Map

A new singer from the middle of nowhere breaks out. England’s Isle of Wight is not exactly known for its musical exports, but Lauran Hibberd is working to change that. After early forays into “really depressing” folk music, her perspective changed when she was introduced to the music of Weezer by a producer. She’s since earned acclaim for wry garage rock tunes that have a DIY feel but still pack huge pop hooks.

Lauran Hibberd will tour the UK this October

Lauran Hibberd has announced a new UK tour. The run is in support of her upcoming ‘Goober’ EP, set for release on 30th July, which has already been previewed by 'How Am I Still Alive?', a team-up with The Regrettes' Lydia Night. “Doing a collaboration was something I’d always wanted...

Lauran Hibberd begs the question, “How Am I Still Alive”

Lauran Hibberd drops her new hard-hitting single “How Am I Still Alive”. A collaboration with one of her best friends Lydia Night from The Regrettes, the indie-rock banger packs a big punch. ThroughHibberd’s fierce vocals and driving guitars, you feel the tune’s raw intensity. The intoxicating track perfectly highlights life’s...