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Dane Bowers wants to have kids with Laura Anderson

Dane Bowers hopes to have children and marry Laura Anderson one day. Dane Bowers and Laura Anderson are "practising" making babies. The 41-year-old music star and Laura have recently relocated to Dubai, and they're already thinking about starting a family together. Asked if marriage and kids are on the cards...
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James McAvoy and Laura Anderson give their backing to STV Children's Appeal

A HOST of city stars have lent their support to a new fundraising campaign. Drumchapel’s James McAvoy, Shuggie Bain author Douglas Stuart, and Love Island contestant Laura Anderson are among those to back the STV Children’s Appeal, which this year is focused on supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.
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AROUND TOWN | LAURA ANDERSON Filtering out the truth on coffee, praying for paper

Last week, I was reading the reports of the cargo ship that blocked the Suez Canal and held up the world’s most vital shipping passage for nearly a week. The Ever Given, one of the largest container vessels in the world, ran aground when it was allegedly hit by a strong wind during a dust storm. If you saw any of the aerial photos of the ship as it was wedged on a diagonal, blocking the canal, you might have been reminded, as I was, of that scene in the film, “Austin Powers” when Mike Myers is trying to un-wedge his golf cart from a narrow hallway in Dr. Evil’s underground lair. But one news report in particular grabbed my attention. It stated that if the ship were to remain stuck, we’d likely see shortages of coffee and toilet paper.

Laura Anderson calls for a ban on photo-filter app

Laura Anderson has warned her social media followers against using a filter app. Laura Anderson has called for a ban on a filter app. The former 'Love Island' star has admitted she used to be obsessed with FaceApp, but she's now warned her followers on social media against using it.
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AROUND TOWN | LAURA ANDERSON Do vaccinations mean we are back to 'old normal?'

Now that many of us are getting vaccinated against COVID-19, the restrictions placed on us for the last year will start to be lifted. Even though we will need to proceed with caution, continue to be vigilant with masking and hand-washing and social distancing, once the majority of the population has been vaccinated, we will finally return to all those things we couldn’t do during the height of the pandemic.

Laura Anderson breaks down in tears amid backlash

Laura Anderson has defended herself in response to a recent backlash on social media. Laura Anderson broke down in tears as she discussed the backlash she’d received from travelling to Dubai. The 'Love Island' star has come under fire for travelling overseas amid the UK's coronavirus lockdown, but Laura insists...

Laura Anderson Breaks Down As She Reveals She Lost Jobs Over Dubai Trip

Love Island's Laura Anderson has opened up about her decision to travel amid the pandemic, and its consequences. The reality star broke down crying in an interview on the Talking Success podcast. Like many influencers, Laura has been facing major backlash for travelling to Dubai amid the pandemic. She's spoken...