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'Dallas' Star Larry Hagman Was the Son of 'Peter Pan' Star Mary Martin

Dallas has gone down in history as one of the most popular soap operas of all time. People still remember where they were when J.R. got shot and fondly look back on the incredible cast, namely the character J.R. Ewing himself, played by Larry Hagman. The ruthless oil baron made for some seriously entertaining television that made Dallas a worldwide phenomenon. But it should come as no surprise as Hagman was made for the camera. His mother, after all, is widely regarded as one of the most memorable leading ladies in the world of musicals -- Mary Martin.
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‘Dallas’: Why Star Larry Hagman Had a Habit of Going Silent on People for Days

Ever hear of the silent treatment? Well, “Dallas” star Larry Hagman took that to the next level with his own habit of not speaking at all. According to many of his co-stars and close friends, Larry Hagman would go through periods of time where he would not speak to anyone at all. Some actors and actresses found this extremely frustrating. For instance, Barbara Eden, who costarred with Hagman on “I Dream of Jennie” claimed that he stopped talking to her during the final season of the show.

‘Dallas’: J.R. Ewing Actor Larry Hagman Didn’t Think Character Was ‘Bad’

“Dallas” was a wildly popular television show during the 1980s. That success was due, in part, to the work of actor Larry Hagman in his role as J.R Ewing. Jr. Ewing was definitely perceived as a villain by the audience of the primetime soap opera that premiered in 1978. According to an article on, Larry Hagman didn’t believe that his character was a bad guy.

‘Dallas’ Stars Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman Drank Heavily During Production of Hit Show

Forget who shot J.R. Here’s who drank with J.R. Both “Dallas” stars Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman used to drink together during production. First airing in 1978, “Dallas” captured viewers’ attention like no other. In many ways, it felt ahead of its time as must-see TV. Viewers would discuss the show and its various cliffhangers, trying to figure out what happened next. The show aired for 14 seasons providing all the thrills and drama.