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Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman: When "Jeannie" visited "Dallas" and More

[Author's Note: All quotes and commentary that appear in this article were culled from interviews the author conducted with those individuals mentioned.]. I don't know about you, but whenever I watch Larry Hagman playing JR Ewing on a rerun or DVD of CBS' campy classic evening soap, Dallas (CBS, 1978-1991) his other TV alter-ego, Major Anthony Nelson via I Dream of Jeannie (NBC, 1965-1970) doesn't even come to mind.
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‘Dallas’: Audrey Landers Looks Back on the Last Time She Ever Spoke to Larry Hagman

“Dallas” star Audrey Landers reflected on her last conversation with her late co-star Larry Hagman recently. The pair both portrayed characters in the long-running soap opera that was on the air for an impressive 14 seasons. The series initially premiered in 1978 and wrapped in ’91, nearly two decades before Hagman passed away. However, members of the original cast reunited to film a reboot of the popular soap in the 2010s. Ultimately, the reboot was canceled after three seasons due to poor ratings. On a related note, Hagman’s sudden death occurred just a few months after the first season premiered.
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‘Dallas’ star Audrey Landers reflects on 'prankster' Larry Hagman, why she didn’t pose nude for Playboy

What happens when you get the stars from "Happy Days," "The Nanny" and "The Dukes of Hazzard" on a Zoom chat? A whole lotta comedy. Audrey Landers, who famously starred as crooner Afton Cooper in the hit series "Dallas," is involved in a crowd-funding campaign for "Viral Vignettes," a series of short stories starring several beloved TV personalities, such as Don Most, Renée Taylor and John Schneider – just to name a few. The project, which began during the coronavirus pandemic, aims to raise money for The Actors Fund, a charitable organization that supports performers and other behind-the-scenes workers in the arts.

‘Dallas’ Star Larry Hagman Explained How J.R. Became the Villain

Dallas icon Larry Hagman broke down how his iconic character J.R. Ewing became the show’s most slippery villain. “The first script I read, everybody was a scoundrel,” Hagman said on an episode of Pioneers of Television. “Even Mama, in her own way, was a scoundrel. Over the period of five or six shows that we did, the pilot, the miniseries, it kind of narrowed down to me, which was fun because good guys, you know, that’s the hard work. Like Bobby, Bobby has the hard work. He’s such a nice guy, and the bad guys get the ladies and the money and all that kind of stuff. I had more fun with that, and I still am having more fun with that part.”

‘Dallas’ Star Larry Hagman Talked Why J.R. Was Popular

“Dallas” actor Larry Hagman once reflected on the popularity of his character J.R. Ewing, whose exploits made the show one of the highest-rated of the 1980s. In the series, Hagman played J.R. alongside Patrick Duffy as his brother Bobby Ewing. The family ran an oil company and a ranch, and J.R.’s top priority was managing Ewing Oil at all costs. Other stars included Linda Gray, Barbara Bel Geddes, and Victoria Principal, among others.

‘Dallas’ Star Linda Gray Once Reflected on How Larry Hagman Defended Her

Dallas actress Linda Gray once shared how her late costar Larry Hagman took up for her behind the scenes of the popular series. “In the 80s, I was getting bored Sue Ellen Ewing as an actor,” Gray told Oprah. “She was drinking and having an affair, or having an affair and drinking, so I had two notes to play. I had always wanted to direct, so I think year eight it was, I approached the production staff, and I said I would like to direct one episode in the next two-year cycle. And they said, ‘Nope.’ I said, ‘I don’t want any more money, I don’t want anything–I would just like to direct. I feel like I’m ready; I’d like to direct one episode.’ ‘Nope.'”