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Lara Trump on Mar-a-Lago raid: They detest Donald Trump because he doesn't play their game

Lara Trump blasted the FBI’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home on "Tucker Carlson Tonight." LARA TRUMP: I have spoken to my father-in-law and I got to tell you, you know, he's as shocked as anybody, I think. For someone and anyone, quite frankly, who loves this country and believes in America, this should shake you to your core, what has happened today. This is a very clear demarcation in the history of America. Never before, as many of your guests have already talked about, Will, have we seen something like this happen where an unannounced raid by the FBI is conducted on a former president of the United States.
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Democrats have 'completely destroyed' US in every way 'by every metric possible': Lara Trump

Fox News contributor Lara Trump asserted that Democrats have "completely destroyed this country on every front and by every metric possible" Tuesday on "Hannity." LARA TRUMP: What have the Democrats contributed in any way to Americans that has been positive? They have completely destroyed this country on every front and by every metric possible. So maybe this is all a distraction technique. Hold these cozy little functions at the White House and talk about pronouns in an effort to distract Americans from the reality of their everyday situation, which is dire for most people at this point. But I do want to remind people of one thing: As bad as the Democrats have been and as confident, I think, as Republicans are heading into these midterms, we can never take anything for granted. We have to make sure that people get out and vote and make sure you are voting for the right people.

Lara Trump rips Dems after VP Harris backtracks on Biden's 2024 commitment: We see the 'writing on the wall'

Fox News contributor Lara Trump slammed the Biden administration for pushing "far-left" policies, stressing that we'll resultantly see a "red wave" in the 2022 midterm elections. Trump joined "Fox & Friends," Thursday, to discuss the state of the Democratic Party ahead of the midterms after Vice President Harris walked back her remarks vowing Biden would seek reelection in 2024.

Trump news - today: Ex-president ‘will lose his mind’ over Jan 6 hearing as Lara Trump leads counterattack

A former GOP insider tells The Independent that former president Donald Trump will “lose his mind” when he watches the January 6 committee hearings on the Capitol riot on Thursday evening and realises no one is there to interject on his behalf.Kurt Bardella also called House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy’s decision to withdraw Republican committee picks a “massive strategic error”.Trump allies meanwhile are have called the prime time special “disgustingly out of touch”, saying that Americans care more about inflation and gas prices, and no one will watch.Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has laid into Fox News for its decision not...

Lara Trump mocked for saying White House jobs should be based on merit in attack on Kamala Harris

Lara Trump became the target of mockery online after she asserted that White House jobs should be based on merit - despite claims of nepotism in her father-in-law Donald Trump’s administration. Ms Trump, the wife of Eric Trump, slammed Kamala Harris over the weekend for being what she deemed an “embarrassment” as the country’s “first female vice president” and went on to call her appointment to the second highest office in the country as not being based on “merit”.“This as a woman I find incredibly frustrating to have this as our first female vice president of the United States....

Elon Musk Twitter takeover would be 'fantastic' following 'outrageous' censorship, says Lara Trump

Fox News contributor Lara Trump said Elon Musk's potential Twitter takeover could be former President Donald Trump's path to return to the platform. Speaking to co-host Ainsley Earhardt Thursday on "Fox & Friends," Trump said allowing freedom of expression is "the right way to go," and asserted her belief that there are "millions of Americans" who would like to see Trump tweeting again.

Lara Trump blames ‘too safe’ playgrounds for reckless spring break behaviour after Santa Barbara deck collapse

Lara Trump decided to take aim at the playground industry by drawing a shaky line between the structures being constructed nowadays and a recent incident where crowds of spring breakers overwhelmed Santa Barbara balconies to dangerous levels.Ms Trump appeared as a contributor on the Fox News program The Big Sunday Show alongside a panel to discuss recent news stories from the week, including the war in Ukraine, carjackings in America and one particular story that caught the attention of the daughter-in-law to the former US president: a deck that was swarmed by hundreds of “out of control spring break...

Lara Trump calls Trudeau's Freedom Convoy crackdowns 'absolutely unbelievable'

Lara Trump slammed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's crackdown on the Freedom Convoy demonstration Tuesday on "Gutfeld!" LARA TRUMP: It's rather shocking. The reality is, this whole thing was peaceful. And I get it, they were blocking the road and people couldn't get on with the things they need[ed]. But this is the definition of a peaceful protest. And then to see what was done, I mean, to take away their money, take away their fuel, come in and take them out with — it was kind of like, Gestapo-like force that Justin Trudeau sent in there. Absolutely unbelievable. He wouldn't even bother to sit down with these truckers and hear them out, and they weren't just doing it for themselves. They were doing it for every Canadian, every American, every Australian, every person for the past three years that has felt like our rights have been taken away. Well, guess what? People are paying attention. There's a convoy going to Washington, D.C.