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Langhorne Slim, Fantastic Negrito & Son Little playing Brooklyn mental health benefit

World Mental Health Day was last week on October 10, and Sound Mind Live is marking the occasion with a NYC benefit concert, "Un-Heard Mentality," in partnership with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and Relix Magazine. It happens on October 21 at Brooklyn Bowl, and the lineup includes Langhorne Slim, Fantastic Negrito, and Son Little, with Tristan Miller hosting and words by Patrick Roche. Tickets are on sale now, and benefit the NYC chapter of ASFP.
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Langhorne Slim at Gaslight

(Oct. 7, 2021) The songs came to the man known as Langhorne Slim in a panic attack as the COVID-19 pandemic set in. The past 15 years had been filled with roots-packed, rock-Americana albums and national tours, but the writers block was setting in, and so was the anxiety. This...

Finally Friday From Home: Langhorne Slim and Colleen Orender

Langhorne Slim performs "Alright to Hide", "Lonesome Times", "Red Bird" and "House On Fire" for WMOT's Finally Friday From Home. Colleen Orender performs "Love Me Harder", "Get You Back", "Mouth You Feed" and "Don't Give a Damn about Love" for WMOT's Finally Friday From Home.

Langhorne Slim Performs For ‘Live On KEXP At Home’

Singer-songwriter Langhorne Slim (Sean Scolnick) recently performed five songs and spoke with host John Richards for the Live On KEXP At Home series. The Seattle independent radio station shared video featuring the performances and interview. Langhorne Slim’s Live On KEXP At Home session was recorded on March 23, 2021. Scolnick...

Langhorne Slim on Writing After Recovery

Langhorne Slim didn’t set out to write a record. He hadn’t written music in a year. At the end of 2019, he entered a program to tackle his issues with prescription drug abuse. Shortly after he came out of that program, a tornado struck his neighborhood in Nashville, then COVID-19 hit the nation. Trying to make sense of it all, Langhorne Slim finally wrote a song. He was given the advice to write without any expectations and music started to flow again. The result is his latest album, Strawberry Mansion.

Album Review: Langhorne Slim— Strawberry Mansion

Imagine this: you wake up in a field to the sound of a rooster’s crow. As you open your eyes and start to regain clarity, you notice that you’re gathered around a fire with a band of rustic-looking men wearing mud-caked boots and floppy hats. You ask one of them, who’s gnawing on a strand of wheat, where you are. The gentle prospector explains that you’ve been on the run from an existential danger, but you have finally reached safety. He hands you a warm tin cup steaming with fresh-pressed coffee. Just then, another man, who had been scribbling furiously in a leather-bound notebook, retrieves a weathered acoustic guitar from his makeshift tent. Just as his somehow familiar voice breaks through the natural hum of this borderless frontier, you are struck speechless by the beautiful amber rays of a new day’s morning sun.

Bucks County’s Nashville songwriter Langhorne Slim adds ‘Strawberry Mansion’ to his stomping grounds

The first words heard on Langhorne Slim’s new album Strawberry Mansion might lead a listener to believe they’re in for a bummer of Biblical proportions. “Someday the world might come and blow your house down,” the Nashville-by-way-of-Bucks-County musician sings on “Mighty Soul.” “First a tornado, then a plague.”. Slim, who...

Interview with Langhorne Slim about new album, grandpas, and mental health

We recently spoke with Langhorne Slim about his new album Strawberry Mansion for WFPK’s Mental Health Day. Langhorne, like so many folks, has struggled for better mental health for as long as he can remember. The new album addresses that struggle but also is a tribute to his Grandfathers who had a huge impact on him while growing up.