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Lamar Odom Reveals What The Lakers Need To Do This Offseason

Lamar Odom was a two-time NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers, so he knows what it takes to win a championship. Over the years, he has remained a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers and he has always been supportive of the team, especially throughout LeBron James' tenure in the city. While things looked good for the Lakers at the start of the year, injuries caught up to them, and eventually, they were ousted in the first round by the Phoenix Suns.
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Lamar Odom Defeats Aaron Carter by KO in Celebrity Boxing Match

Aaron Carter came up short in his Celebrity Boxing match against Lamar Odom. On Friday, the spectacle saw the "Fool's Gold" singer and 90s pop star that is Carter taking on Odom, a former NBA star who won two championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. Taking place at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, the fight was the main event of a special Celebrity Boxing pay-per-view that cost people $30 to watch. Ice-T and his wife Coco hosted the event.
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Watch: Lamar Odom KOs Aaron Carter in Dominant Celebrity Boxing Match

The celebrity boxing craze took a very sad turn on Friday night when former Los Angeles Lakers player Lamar Odom fought singer Aaron Carter in the ring in Atlantic City. With Odom standing almost a full foot taller than Carter, the fight ended in the way one could expect. Carter, 33, couldn't quite keep up with Odom, 41, and the match ended after Odom knocked him to the ground in the second round.
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Lamar Odom Knocks Out Aaron Carter In Action-Packed Celebrity Boxing Debut

And the winner is....Not Aaron Carter. Former NBA star and Khloe Kardashian's ex-husband, Lamar Odom gave the over-matched Carter the fight of his life in their highly anticipated celebrity boxing match at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City on Friday evening. Article continues below advertisement. It appears that Carter, 6'0",...

Boxing: Lamar Odom knocks out Aaron Carter in uneven, surreal boxing match

Boxing The former NBA player knocked out the singer with a strong impact in the face in the second round. Aron Carter and Lamar Odon who faced each other in a Marca fight. Lamar Odom, twice NBA champion and one of the most controversial characters in the sport in recent decades, has returned to claim the light of the spotlights of today although this time it has nothing to do with his extra-sports problems.

Lamar Odom Whooped Aaron Carter’s Ass

I know I’m a little late to this, but god damn, I had to write about this. Every weekend there’s a new old celebrity or Tik Tok fight, and I love all of them. We now have real-life Celebrity Deathmatch. If you used to be famous or have a glimpse of fame, a way to cash in is to fight another person with 10 seconds’ worth of fame.
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Lamar Odom Is Named Champion After Knocking Out Aaron Carter In Celebrity Boxing Match

Lamar Odom came out a winner on Friday night after going at it with Aaron Carter for two rounds in a celebrity boxing match at Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City. Lamar Odom, 41, was victorious over Aaron Carter, 33, after the two celebrities took part in an intense boxing match on June 11. The former NBA player knocked out the singer after he attempted to take him down with as many punches as possible in 2 rounds of the match, which took place at Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ. Despite the disappointment for Aaron, who went down halfway through the second round of the fight, they both hugged out it at the end and all seemed well.