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Michael Bublé Says He and Lady Gaga Are Helping to Create a Movement

We're always curious to know which celebrities hang out with one another, and in a recent chat with Michael Bublé, we discovered that he and Lady Gaga have bonded over their shared love of jazz music. The “Feeling Good” crooner sat down with PureWow for an exclusive interview, where...
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Why Lady Gaga dropped out of new Brad Pitt movie Bullet Train

Brad Pitt's Bullet Train, an action movie set aboard a high-speed train going through Japan, looks absolutely bonkers, and has quite the starry cast. It could have been even more bonkers and starry, though, if Lady Gaga didn't have to drop out of the film. Sandra Bullock replaced Gaga as...

Bullet Train Director Reveals Lady Gaga Dropped Out Due to House of Gucci

Bullet Train's director revealed that Lady Gaga dropped out of the movie to go pursue House of Gucci. David Leitch told EW about the entire situation during a recent interview. After all, Bullet Train isn't that far off. But, Gaga sadly won't be along for the ride because of her engagement in the Ridley Scott film. It was a unique opportunity and the director completely understood. One fun thing about Bullet Train is how many stars they managed to pack into this Brad Pitt vehicle. Honestly, she's not even the only pop star aboard the train with Bad Bunny in the cast. Still, having two projects of this size overlap means that you have to end up choosing one. While the critical reception to House of Gucci wasn't exactly amazing, fans did enjoy the zaniness of the concept. Gaga committed to her role entirely and it's become a cult movie night favorite. However, the box office prospects were not exactly what the studio was looking for.

Bullet Train director explains why Lady Gaga role didn't work out

Filmmaker David Leitch assembled quite the starry cast for Bullet Train, his summer popcorn movie about several assassins duking it out on a high-speed locomotive in Japan. But the ensemble could've glistened like the moons of Chromatica. The director, known for action films like Atomic Blonde and Deadpool 2, confirmed...

Why A-list celebs like Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga are avoiding Twitter

Celebrities with tens of millions of followers on Twitter are increasingly avoiding the social network, put off by trolls and politically charged mobs that put them at greater risk of being “canceled,” according to their handlers. Publicists, agents, and managers who advise top stars told The Washington Post that they advise their clients to steer clear of the microblogging platform because the risk-reward ratio is too great. “There are so many ways to get canceled now,” one publicist who works for several Hollywood star actors and filmmakers told the paper when asked what they say to their clients. “Do you really want...

‘House Of Gucci’ Prevented Lady Gaga From Being In Brad Pitt’s Movie About Assassins On A Train

House of Gucci was a decent enough movie, even if it wasn’t as campy as it should have been. But I’m still angry that it exists. First of all, it gave us Jared Leto’s over-the-top depiction (even by his standards) of Paolo Gucci, which is either the best or worst performance I have ever seen. I genuinely can’t tell. Also, Gucci prevented Lady Gaga from being in the movie where Brad Pitt is a bucket hat-wearing assassin on a train full of assassins played by the likes of Paper Boi and Van from Atlanta, Bad Bunny, Michael Shannon, and Warrior‘s Andrew Koji.

Bullet Train Director David Leitch Wanted Lady Gaga To Play One Of His Assassins

One of these days, I'd like to see directors literally fighting over actors. If two directors (of the same weight class, natch) are competing against each other for the services of the exact same star, then I say put them in a boxing ring and let them duke it out to see who emerges the victor. After all, this is the entertainment business, folks. Entertain us!

Top Gun Maverick: Memories of Meg Ryan, None of Kelly McGillis, and Lady Gaga at the End

I know everyone is getting ready for the “Top Gun Maverick” reviews. They’re coming tomorrow morning at 9am. In the meantime, I can tell Lady Gaga fans that you will have to wait through the whole movie for the hit song, “Hold My Hand.” It’s worth it. Despite a source telling me a few weeks ago that the song “comes too late” in the movie, it’s actually right on time. The placement will put a lump in your throat. It also guarantees an Oscar nomination next year for Gaga, if not a win.