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Kyle Seager and Ryan Zimmerman: The Last of a Dying Breed

The owner-imposed lockout has halted nearly all transactions at the big league level this off-season, with minor league free agent signings and retirements about the only non-labor related “news” that baseball-starved fans can gobble up until the lockout is ended. One of the first, and most surprising, retirement...
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Baseball: Kyle Seager ready for next chapter

SALISBURY — At 34, Kyle Seager is one of the world’s youngest retirees, but the former Seattle Mariners third baseman sounds like he’s ready to embrace it. There were some career numbers out there to pursue — 300 homers and 1,000 RBIs — monumental numbers that looked very attainable with two or three more MLB seasons, but he’s never been obsessed with stats. He figures it’s time to chase the kids, rather than the numbers.

Which Mariners Legend was Better: Jay Buhner or Kyle Seager?

Looking at the history of the Seattle Mariners franchise, there are several prominent figures and stars who are among the best in the franchise’s history. Two of these such players are Jay Buhner and Kyle Seager. Both are very similar players within the history of the Mariners. Neither were the biggest stars on their teams or the best player on their teams, but they were certainly fan favorites. The question is, which was the better all-time Mariner?

Mariners’ long-time third baseman Kyle Seager is retiring

Last week veteran third baseman Kyle Seager announced his retirement. The Mariners took Seager in the third round of the 2009 draft and got plenty of bang-for-their-buck, as Seager served as a staple at third base for over a decade. Defying expectations was a hallmark for Seager. As he advanced...
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Top 11 Kyle Seager moments

This might be the definition of damning with faint praise, but Kyle Seager’s Mariners tenure will forever be linked with the past decade of baseball in Seattle. He arrived as a baby-faced, flaxen-haired youth from UNC, and departed a slightly more grizzled-faced, less-haired man after eleven years of solid production, punching the time card at third base while surrounded largely by plodding mediocrity punctuated with the occasional burst of competent-to-exciting baseball. In a decade that saw the Mariners swing through competition cycles, as players came and went more frequently than corner teriyaki joints, Seager was the steady heartbeat of baseball in Seattle, providing highlight reel plays in key, high-stakes moments—but also in lost seasons, in smaller moments that nonetheless loomed large thanks to the consistent quality Seager provided every day, both as a player and as a person. Here are 11 of our favorite moments, one for every year of his Mariners career.

Kyle Seager Never Got the Recognition He Deserved

It was perhaps the only way for Kyle Seager to go out. No fanfare. No press conference. Just a short statement from Seager that his wife, Julie, posted on her Twitter account Wednesday. “Today I’m announcing my retirement from Major League Baseball. Thank you to all of my family, friends and fans ...

Mariners great Kyle Seager announces his retirement

Kyle Seager has played his last game in the major leagues. This week, through his wife's Twitter account, Seager announced that he has officially retired from baseball. The lefty slugger spent 11 years with the Mariners. While some folks out there were waiting to see if Seager would end up...

Kyle Seager, The 'Ranger Killer', Announces Retirement

Kyle Seager, the brother of new Texas Rangers infielder Corey Seager, announced his retirement from baseball on Wednesday, ending an 11-year career with the Seattle Mariners. Seager’s wife, Julie, distributed Kyle Seager’s statement via social media. ‘Today I’m announcing my retirement from Major League Baseball. Thank you to...