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Report: 76ers Wanted to Wait for a Better Superstar Rather than Trade for Kyle Lowry

Philadelphia 76ers president Daryl Morey has always been obsessed with NBA star power. For better or for worse, the long-time Houston Rockets general manager has viewed NBA stars are the most valuable commodity in the NBA and has been willing to do almost anything to acquire one of those truly elite players. Unfortunately for the 76ers that mindset reportedly meant standing pat when it came to acquiring Kyle Lowry at the 2021 NBA trade deadline.
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76ers Left to Wonder What Could Have Been with Kyle Lowry

It's been almost three months since the NBA trade deadline and the Toronto Raptors made the decision to hold onto Kyle Lowry. Based on how the season ended for Toronto, it's been fair to criticize Masai Ujiri and Bobby Webster for how they handled the situation. Lowry played just nine of Toronto's final 27 games following the trade deadline. It was a shame to see the 35-year-old still extremely talented guard sidelined when someone else could have used him. The Raptors have had to answer for that decision, one that will only look worse if Lowry leaves in free agency this summer.
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NBA Rumors: Kyle Lowry to be the top target for the Miami Heat in free agency

NBA Rumors: Kyle Lowry is expected to be the top target for the Miami Heat heading into free agency. After missing out on Kyle Lowry at this past year’s NBA Trade Deadline, in which the Toronto Raptors elected to not trade their star, the Miami Heat are hoping that its second crack at the all-star is one that will prove to be successful.
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Dallas Mavericks Rumors On Signing PG Kyle Lowry In 2021 NBA Free Agency (WATCH)

Dallas Mavericks free agency rumors are heating up after the departure of GM Donnie Nelson. Kyle Lowry has been named as a potential free agent target for Dallas as he’s set to enter free agency this offseason. Lowry is 35 years old, but still an effective player at this point in his NBA career. Mavericks Today host Harrison Graham believes that Dallas needs to add a legitimate playmaker next to Luka Doncic. Lowry could be the ideal guy next to Luka in Dallas for the next couple of years.
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Toronto Raptors: Passing on Kyle Lowry ruined 76ers title hopes

Kyle Lowry and Toronto Raptors may not have been able to make it to the postseason this year, but they have been able to watch their Atlantic rivals crash and burn before they even make the conference finals. After an injured Brooklyn Nets team lost against Milwaukee in seven games, it was the Philadelphia 76ers’ turn to disappoint their fans.

What does Boston’s recent deal mean for Kyle Lowry and the Raptors?

The first Woj bomb of the 2021 off-season has dropped — and it took less time than expected. At first glance, this looks... pretty funny. I mean, Boston just had Al Horford and let him go in free agency because they didn’t want him on their books at his current contract amount. Now they’ve coughed up a first-rounder to get what would be expected to be the worst two years of this contract? It’s hard not to find the humour in that.
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This Bulls-Raptors trade is centered on Kyle Lowry to Chicago

The Kyle Lowry drama did not end at the NBA trade deadline like many thought it might. The Toronto Raptors decided to hold onto their long-time point guard and let him finish out his contract with the team. Now that the season is complete, Lowry is preparing to enter NBA free agency and is available to sign whatever he wants.
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Here’s how the Lakers could land Kyle Lowry this offseason

It will take a lot of moving parts or a major discount for Kyle Lowry to sign with the Lakers this offseason. Championship-or-bust aspirations are what’s expected for the Lakers. A first-round exit from Los Angeles this postseason will surely lead to a retooling of their roster for the 2021-22 season, addressing exposed weaknesses. In desperate need of more offensive creation, Los Angeles will be on the hunt for backcourt help this offseason. One name that will be on their radar is six-time All-Star Kyle Lowry.

NBA Rumors: Lakers Expected To ‘Explore’ Availability Of Kyle Lowry

One of the surprises of the 2021 NBA trade deadline — beyond teams like the Orlando Magic completely tearing it down — was that the Los Angeles Lakers were legitimately in the running to acquire All-Star Kyle Lowry from the Toronto Raptors. Vying for Lowry’s services came down to a bidding war between the Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat.

Kyle Lowry Unveils Through My Eyes NFT Collection

Lowry will be selling seven unique NFTs to commemorate the Raptors 2018-19 championship. They will be for sale on MarketPlace at 6:30 p.m. ET on June 29. For those unfamiliar with NFTs, Lowry is essentially selling the rights to own a digital piece of memorabilia to celebrate the team's championship season.
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WATCH: Why The Los Angeles Lakers Should Sign Kyle Lowry During NBA Free Agency

Lakers offseason rumors are heating up now that the NBA offseason is here for the Lakers. On today’s show, Lakers Report host Chase Senior explains why the Lakers should go all-in on pursuing free agent point guard Kyle Lowry during NBA Free Agency. Leading up to the NBA Trade Deadline, the Lakers were interested in Lowry but didn’t pull the trigger on the trade. Now the Lakers can make up for that mistake by surrounding LeBron James with the perfect point guard who can help them win a title.