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SMU adds Jonathan Brewer, Kyle Cooper as on-field assistants

SMU has two on-field coaching spots accounted for with the additions of Miami senior quality control analysts Jonathan Brewer and Kyle Cooper, sources told 247Sports on Monday. Brewer and Cooper were two key names that new SMU head coach Rhett Lashlee has brought almost everywhere with him. Brewer joined the...
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Inside 10 Years of ‘American Horror Story’s Opening Credits With Title Designer Kyle Cooper

In an era where streaming services actively encourage viewers to “Skip Intro,” American Horror Story remains one of the few television series whose viewers would never even dare to fast-forward. Dissecting this stylized minute of television, full of graphic imagery and jarring industrial riffs, has become a sport in and of itself; early on in each new season, fans actively predict how these new sequences may hint at what’s to come. Yet American Horror Story‘s credits have always been far more than just a fun gimmick: they serve as a self-contained and insightful reflection on every season. (They’ve been nominated for three Emmy Awards for Outstanding Main Title Design, too.)

Kyle Cooper, Shipstern Bluff, Sunday August 8

Kyle Cooper doesn’t surf Shipstern Bluff that much. This was his first session at the place in a couple of years. “All the old boys, Marti (Paradisis) and Mikey Brennan, they’ve been pressuring me to come down more,” he told us. “Not too many goofies surf Stern. It was kind of nice to see it on a day like this, an 8-10-foot paddle day. A couple of the boys tried towing, but they ended up not catching anything for ages, so it just all went to paddling.” Kyle was riding a three-year-old semi clunker he’d bought off the rack from a discounter for $280 – a board that just keeps surviving the place – and when this one popped up and Marti gave him the nod to go, well, boom. “I had to bully my way around that first bump at the wave base but after that, it was hands free, happy days!” Indeed.

Kyle Cooper takes third at MAC Tournament

RAVENNA — On a team full of new players taking on new roles, no one faced a steeper learning curve than Kyle Cooper. The Field sophomore, whose only tennis experience prior to 2021 was a few weeks of practice in 2020 before the season was canceled, was taking on first singles. Cooper was learning the game while going against the best players on opposing teams.