Kurt Schrader

The wait to see if Kurt Schrader is upset hangs on counting bad ballots

Observers and insiders recognized Congressman Kurt Schrader could have a problem holding on to his seat in this year’s election. Between redistricting that cut out about half the voters in the district he’s represented for a decade, a progressive opponent with name recognition from previous campaigns and Schrader’s controversial vote against the first version of the American Rescue Plan, Schrader faced his greatest challenge since being voted into the House in 2009. ...
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Kurt Schrader Blasted Nancy Pelosi as “Truly a Terrible Person” While Killing Biden’s Build Back Better

Schrader was a leader of an effort by centrist Democrats to disrupt Pelosi and President Joe Biden’s plan to pair a bipartisan infrastructure package with a reconciliation bill that included Biden’s social policy agenda as well as an ambitious attempt to tackle the climate crisis. In June, Schrader had joined with Rep. Josh Gottheimer, D-N.J., and seven other Democrats demanding that the bipartisan bill be split apart from the broader agenda.

Labor unions drop Kurt Schrader and back Jamie McLeod-Skinner

All other things being equal, labor organizations tend to back the incumbents they know rather than the challengers they’d be rolling the dice on. But 2022 seems to be the year local unions are breaking with seven-term incumbent Congressman Kurt Schrader and getting behind his Democratic primary challenger, Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

Opinion: Kurt Schrader is wildly out of touch with his district

Gail Cordell: Clackamas County Democrats did not take lightly endorsing primary opponent, Jamie McLeod-SkinnerMy mailbox has been flooded with slick campaign fliers from Kurt Schrader. I am amazed at his audacity in claiming credit for standing up and doing the right thing only after having his arm twisted by protesters outside his office. Even more insidiously, he guts the essence of the legislation to benefit his major donors. He has become wildly out of touch with his district. For example, his glossy mailers and puppy-filled TV ads brag about his "leadership" in reducing prescription drug prices. The reality is that...

Terry O'Neill: Kurt Schrader claims to be pro-choice, but isn't

Former president of the National Organization for Women: Jamie McLeod Skinner is the truly pro-family candidate in this electionA warning for Oregonians in the newly-drawn 5th Congressional District who care about women's rights: A vote for Kurt Schrader is a vote against women's ability to realistically make their own life choices. Schrader claims to be pro-choice, but he isn't. True, he has voted against the Hyde Amendment, which blocks Medicaid from covering abortion, a common and necessary aspect of reproductive health care. But that was under pressure. He actually praised this odious law, calling it "a good balance" for a...