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Kurt Reynolds

Beloit, WI - Kurt Reynolds, 71, of Beloit, passed away on Tuesday May 4, 2021 at UW Hospital Madison. Born August 19, 1949, the son of Curtis "Bo" and Margorie (Tuck) Reynolds, he was a 1967 graduate of Beloit Memorial High School. He served 4 years in the U.S. Army and was a graduate of Blackhawk Technical College. After military service, Kurt was employed by the Beloit Police Department in 1972 and faithfully served his community for 28 years, retiring as a sergeant in 2000.
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Kurt Reynolds: And another thing

As I always do, I’m going to stick to only facts, so maybe the sore winners can stop crying, because I’m sick of reading lies about the 2020 election in our local paper. Sworn testimony and written affidavits, all given under penalty of perjury, are evidence. Just ask anyone convicted with the help of such evidence. There were instances of deceased registered voters casting ballots, unsolicited ballots being sent out, ballots taken across state lines. These are absolute facts, not lies.
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Kurt Reynolds: Love and lies

In response to Ron Lowe’s letter to the editor, “We chose love,” here is what you choose: False accusations of racism and bigotry. Access to cheap labor and dangerous illegal drugs. You choose 100% solar and wind. Great, if you’re among the elite who can afford it. Poor people like...