Kurt Reynolds


Kurt Reynolds: 1,000-plus thank yous and even more kudos

In the dictionary under “poor folk” is my picture. I’ve been clean and sober since August of 2003. As a type 1 diabetic, I could trade syringes for meth anytime. That creates a degree of difficulty to recovery that’s beyond belief. As a functional addict, I worked in food service, I paid my rent/way, and lived to tell about it. So here I am.

Kurt Reynolds: My hits and misses

Miss: To Trump’s claims of election fraud that are proven false. Miss: To Trump’s claims of election fraud that are proven true. Hit: To Don Rogers’ journalistic honesty. During our latest phone conversation (about my last letter) Don said, “There’s fraud in every election.” That’s true and needs to stop. Hit: To Don, in another conversation, Don said, “I’m not non-partisan, I’m anti-partisan.” Printing all sides of issues is proof of that. Miss: To David’s column, “FOX News will sicken you.“ If the truth, facts and clear separation of facts from opinions sickens you, you’re right. The number of viewers is the proof. Miss: To the Republican disguising, asking for money with endless polls and surveys. Miss: To Ron Lowe’s letter (Oct. 27) ”Marching in lockstep.” Ron has marched loyally behind cult-like party leader Barack Obama for years. His letter describes the Democrats perfectly. Hit: To the positive feedback I get from the community when I wear my “All Lives Matter” and “China Loves Biden” shirts. Seems to be some voter’s remorse going around. Miss: To California. Voters not even wanting to try and reduce homelessness, gas prices crime by ousting an incomplete Gov. Newsom. Hit: To Kmart and staff for being there as long as I’ve been here (30 plus years). Thank you so much, you’ll be missed. Hit: To the fact that all lives matter.

Kurt Reynolds: More hits and misses …

Now, depending on if you are left or right: Hit/Miss: To Presidents Biden’s handlers on Afghanistan. Obama arms the cartels, Biden heavily arms the Taliban. That’s our leader. Hit/Miss: To Mr. Biden’s handlers on the southern border. Hit/Miss: To a steady supply of meth, cocaine, and heroin. Hit/Miss: To plenty of $5 an hour housekeepers and child caretakers, and $10 an hour landscapers for both primary and vacation homes. Hit/Miss: To lots of Democratic quid pro quo voters. Hit/Miss: To much more affordable sex slaves that won’t be girls kidnapped on U.S. soil. Miss: To Mr. Biden’s cognitive decline, which is as obvious as my grandfather’s, my uncle’s, and some of the members of my mother’s senior citizen travel club. Don’t insult and offend those who have overcome stuttering. When Mr. Biden loses his way mentally, checks his notes, and is obviously confused, it has nothing to do with stuttering; it’s cognitive decline. Remember all lives matter.