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Kurt Angle Undergoes 2 Knee Replacements, 'Rehab's Going To Be a Bitch!'

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle just underwent a brutal procedure on Tuesday -- the American Hero had BOTH his knees replaced ... but, luckily, he says everything went off without a hitch!!. The Olympic gold medalist posted a video from the hospital bed minutes ago ... shouting out his...
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Kurt Angle will undergo a double knee surgery

Through his latest intervention on social media, the former WWE world champion Kurt Angle wanted to confront his fans, just before undergoing a delicate surgical operation that would have replaced both knees of the former athlete, with Angle having in fact posted: "Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes for my knee replacement surgery.

Kurt Angle talks about his future projects

Several WWE Superstars have featured in A&E documents, including Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Randy Savage, Steve Austin, Booker T, Mick Foley and The Ultimate Warrior. After all these great WWE Hall of Famers, another legend like Kurt Angle will also be in a documentary of this kind, the announcement during an exclusive episode of "The Kurt Angle Show"

Kurt Angle Names Second Favorite WWE Match Of His Career

Over the years, Kurt Angle has referred to several superstars as the greatest he’s ever worked with, putting “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, John Cena, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, The Undertaker, AJ Styles, and Shawn Michaels all on that list for different reasons. The WWE Hall of Famer stated in 2021 that the three best matches he ever had were Chris Benoit at “Royal Rumble 2003,” Shawn Michaels at “WrestleMania 21”, and the match Angle talked about on the latest episode of “The Kurt Angle Show.”

Kurt Angle Undergoes Double Knee Surgery

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle underwent double knee surgery this morning. Angle posted the below video, noting that he’s feeling pretty good and thanked fans for their support. “This is your Olympic hero Kurt Angle and I’m in the hospital right now because I just had knee replacements...

Kurt Angle Replaces Both of His Knees

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle successfully had his knees replaced today. Angle revealed on Twitter that he is recovering from two knee replacement surgery he had earlier in the day. “Thank you all for your prayers and best wishes for my 2 knee replacement surgeries today. So far so...

Kurt Angle Underwent Double Knee Replacement Surgery Today

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle announced on Twitter that he underwent double knee replacement surgery today. He posted the following photo from his hospital bed:. “Thank you all for your prayers and best wishes for my 2 knee replacement surgeries today. So far so good. I realize rehab is going to be a bitch, but I’m ready for it. If I won a gold medal with a broken freakin neck, I can handle this! Lol. It’s true!!!! Thank you all!!!!”

Kurt Angle speaks about Hulk Hogan

Kurt Angle is the only performer in history to win the WWE Championship, the heavyweight title, the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and the IWGP Third Belt Championship. The 53-year-old from Mount Lebanon was inducted into both the Impact Hall of Fame and the WWE Hall of Fame and is unanimously recognized as one of the most gifted wrestlers of any era.

Kurt Angle Reveals He Has An A&E Documentary Upcoming, Working On New Book

During the latest The Kurt Angle Show, the WWE Hall Of Famer revealed he will receive his own A&E documentary and he also announced he is going to start working on his second book following his first book titled, “It’s True! It’s True!” which came out in 2001. Check out the highlights below (per Wrestling Inc.):

Kurt Angle Undergoes Double Knee Replacement Surgery, Posts Video From Hospital

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle posted a video to social media on Tuesday after undergoing knee replacement surgery in both legs. The Olympic Gold Medalist was all smiles following the procedures, joking that he couldn't feel his legs because of the epidural. He closed out by saying that he's ready to work hard to get back to where he was before and thanked everyone for their messages as he went under the knife.

Kurt Angle Hoping to Write a Second Book This Summer

During the latest episode of his Kurt Angle Show, Kurt Angle revealed that he hopes to write a book this summer. The WWE Hall of Famer said that he did not enjoy the first book and that he will write a sequel once his A&E documentary airs this summer. “The...

Why Kurt Angle Would Make a Great Manager for Ronda Rousey

Rowdy Ronda Rousey defeated Charlotte Flair in an I quit match at the latest Premium Live Event, WrestleMania Backlash. The two superstars showed why they are main event caliber and it was clear the stipulation benefitted the match and performers. At the same time, the build-up of the feud did not have a lot of memorable back and forth moments on the microphone. That is not to say Ronda Rousey is incapable of cutting a good promo. Using the eye and ear test, it can feel like Ronda Rousey would rather not. In other words, It is not that she can’t talk but body language shows she likely is most comfortable not having to speak often.