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Artificial intelligence is restoring lost works by Klimt, Picasso and Rembrandt, but not everyone is happy about it

Gustav Klimt's 1900 painting "Philosophy" might have been remembered as a pivotal artwork. Made at a turning point in the artist's career, it was vividly colored, dramatically composed - even provocative in its blatant nudity and unflinching emotion. But in 1945, the work was destroyed in a fire and essentially lost to history.
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Hunter Biden’s art: Shades of Klimt but sans the soul and depth

BY STEPHEN DiLAURO | Hunter Biden has an art exhibit in Soho right now, at the Georges Berges Gallery, at 462 West Broadway (by appointment only). Hunter Biden is President Joe Biden’s son. Hunter Biden served on the board of Burisma Holdings — a Ukrainian natural gas company. A lot was made of this by Donald Trump, while he was president, and by Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Klimt’s ‘Portrait Of A Lady,’ Once “The Most Famous Stolen Painting In The World,” Goes On Exhibition In Rome

Gustav Klimt’s sumptuously romantic masterpiece 1916-7 Bildnis einer Frau (Portrait of a Lady), bought by the famous Italian art patron Guiseppe Ricci Oddi eight years after it was completed, in 1925, and still owned by the Piacenza Galleria di Moderna Ricci Oddi that he founded, has just been loaned out to the Museo di Roma in the Palazzo Braschi for their massive exploration of the Vienna Secession in the exhibition entitled Klimt: The Secession and Italy. The exhibition runs from now through March 2022, after which Portrait of A Lady is slated to return home to Piacenza.

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s New Limited-Edition Watches Feature Mini Versions of ‘Lost’ Van Gogh and Klimt Paintings

Jaeger-LeCoultre uses the reverse dial side of its swiveling Reverso case as a canvas to reproduce paintings in miniature by three great masters: Gustave Courbet, Vincent Van Gogh and Gustav Klimt. All three of the paintings were at one point lost or stolen—and then found again. The faces of each are guilloched in different patterns and then colored to match the spirit and harmony of the paintings on the “hidden” reverse side. The works in the Reverso Tribute Enamel Hidden Treasures trio were chosen not only because of their intriguing provenance but because the artists were active when the Reverso was...
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Paintings by Courbet, Van Gogh and Klimt get the full Reverso treatment

There’s no letting up in Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 90th-anniversary celebrations for its Reverso watch. The art deco-style timepiece, born in 1931, is arguably the world’s first dedicated sports watch, with a case that can be flipped over to protect its face from smashing during games of polo. Over the years the aesthetic of the “reverse” side has become at least as important as the main face itself, and at an exhibition in Paris opening on 21 October, Jaeger-LeCoultre launches its Reverso Tribute Enamel Hidden Treasures, the climax of a year of horological highlights. Three new watches, each in a limited edition of 10 (€90,000), have been painted on their hidden side by the brand’s in-house team with major artists’ works that were long believed to have been lost or stolen.

klimt vs klimt, an online google exhibition recreating works lost during WWII

TECHNOLOGY HELPED RESTORE DISAPPEARED KLIMT MASTERPIECES. google has made available through their arts and culture app a comprehensive retrospective on austrian symbolist painter gustav klimt. titled klimt vs klimt – the man of contradictions, the exhibition joins previous projects such as art selfie and the virtual frida kahlo exhibition faces of frida.