Klee with Three: Looking ahead to Sunday's NCAA Tournament

Klee with Three: Thoughts on the NCAA Tournament as the Sweet 16 takes shape. It’s been over two decades since the national champion resided out west — Arizona in 1997. And it’s been a rare time when the west was better prepared to win it at all than this season. Arizona, Gonzaga (which played late Saturday) and UCLA brought rosters capable of cutting the nets in New Orleans. Saint Mary’s is good enough to reach the Final Four. Since the last title team from the west, Utah, Arizona and Gonzaga (twice) reached the national championship game. Time to seal the deal.
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Klee with Three: CSU falls for fool's gold, Aztecs must carry Mountain West banner, Friday wagers

Klee with Three: Thoughts from the NCAA Tournament. 1. CSU’s fast start vs. Michigan was classic fool’s gold. When you make eight three-pointers in a half, you fall in love with it. That happened with big man Dischon Thomas, who made four three-pointers before firing up a heat check. Rams coach Niko Medved mouthed: “What was that?” Heat check, coach! But launching the long ball was CSU’s best source of offense. The finale was a bummer finish for the Rams, who should enter as the Mountain West’s preseason favorite next season. “They don’t want to believe it right now,” Medved said, “but this has been an incredible season.”
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Paul Klee: Three with Klee: What to watch in first round of NCAA Tournament

Three with Klee: Thoughts on Thursday's first round in the NCAA Tournament in Indianapolis. 1. Time for the Mountain West to prove it belongs here. Four NCAA Tournament bids is one shy of the league record. Time to make it count. Since 2015 the Mountain West has the worst NCAA Tournament performance numbers — out of 32 leagues — in terms of wins relative to seed. Wyoming already lost in a play-in game, so Thursday features the remaining three teams: Colorado State (vs. Michigan, 10:15 am, CBS), Boise State (vs. Memphis at 11:45 am, TNT), San Diego State (vs. Creighton, 5:27 pm, truTV). The Mountain West is the higher seed in all three games.

Klee Appears in New Genshin Impact Live Wallpaper

There’s a new Genshin Impact live wallpaper in N0va Desktop, and this time it stars Klee. One of Mondstadt’s littlest and mightiest warriors peeks around the Knights of Favonius offices in the live wallpaper. It is free to download. However, it is only available in the PC and Android tablet versions of the app. You can’t use it on Android phones.

Klee's Scorecard (and prediction): Yet another lost Broncos season deserves yet another Chiefs blowout

Week 18 Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs (11-5) at Broncos (7-9), Empower Field at Mile High, 2:30 p.m. Saturday. During a 12-game losing skid vs. the Chiefs, Denver’s issue hasn’t been stopping Patrick Mahomes. It’s been keeping up. The Broncos averaged only 15.8 points in those 12 games. Oh, it’s been worse of late: Denver’s averaged 10 points in the last five matchups with Kansas City. Ten points. Total.

Klee's Scorecard (and prediction): Here's a Super Bowl team: Combine Chargers "O" with Broncos "D" (if only)

Week 17 Prediction: Broncos (7-8) at Los Angeles Chargers (8-7), SoFi Stadium, 2:05 p.m. Sunday. Sad to say, my long-shot wager on Justin Herbert to win NFL MVP won’t cash. No worries. I’ll place the same bet next year... and the next year. Herbert has multiple MVP awards written all over that laser-rocket arm. He’s tied with Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers with 33 touchdown passes.

Klee's Scorecard (and prediction): The Raiders have dominated the Broncos lately, too

Week 16 Prediction: Broncos (7-7) at Las Vegas Raiders (7-7), Allegiant Stadium, 2:25 p.m. Sunday Offense What clues can be learned from the first Broncos-Raiders game? One, take the Over. Despite a 34-24 loss at Mile High, the Broncos moved the ball at will — 25 first downs, 77 total snaps, 421 total yards. But that was with Teddy Bridgewater throwing it 49 times. If Drew Lock throws it 49...

Klee's Scorecard (and prediction): Here's how the Broncos build trust and beat the Bengals

Week 15 Prediction: Cincinnati Bengals (7-6) at Broncos (7-6), Empower Field at Mile High, 2:05 p.m. Sunday. OK, something must give. Few weeks ago, the Broncos gave $90 million-plus to Tim Patrick and Courtland Sutton. Since then they’ve combined for 10 catches in three games. Guess $90 million doesn’t get what it used to. The Bengals can’t stop the pass, and Sunday is when Denver should let it rip.

All Genshin Impact Pyro characters: Diluc, Hu Tao, Klee, more

Pyro characters in Genshin Impact are some of the game’s highest-damage units. With big DPS numbers from their explosions, they definitely add flare to the battlefield. Here’s every Pyro character in Genshin Impact ⁠— both currently-released and upcoming. Genshin Impact’s Pyro characters are known for being...

Klee's Scorecard (and prediction): As Broncos host Lions, an ode to the late Demaryius Thomas

Week 14 Prediction: Detroit Lions (1-10-1) at Broncos (6-6), Empower Field at Mile High, 2:05 p.m. Sunday. To honor the great No. 88, this space is All-DT for Week 13. Demaryius Thomas twice played the Lions, one of 25 teams he scored a touchdown against. Only the Giants, Jags, Packers, Cowboys, Panthers, Bills and Broncos (he returned to Mile High as a Texan) kept him out of the end zone. What he loved about the Lions was best bud Calvin Johnson.

Klee's Scorecard (and prediction): Chiefs special teams, Javonte Williams keys to Sunday night AFC West special

Week 13: Broncos (6-5) at Kansas City Chiefs (7-4), Arrowhead Stadium, 6:20 p.m. Sunday. How John Elway used to torment the Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes torments the Broncos. Mahomes is 7-0 against Denver. He averages 260 passing yards, with 10 touchdowns vs. three interceptions. The Broncos must keep him off the field. Javonte Williams’ season-high in carries is 17. Give “Pookie” 25 touches Sunday.

New flying club in the works at KLEE

A new flying club is being formed at Leesburg International Airport (KLEE) in Florida. Membership in the club, called Squadron Aeronautics, is open to the general public. Part of the mission of the club will be to help young people in the area learn about the various aspects of operating and maintaining an aircraft. It will also provide an opportunity for certificated pilots to fly the club aircraft at nominal rates as members.