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Kirk Herbstreit on 12-team CFB playoff proposal

Things are evolving regarding the College Football Playoff. Word came Thursday that the playoff committee has proposed an expansion from the current four teams to 12 teams. ESPN commentator Kirk Herbstreit was on SportsCenter and said that he agrees with the changes. “I think this is inevitable, and I think...
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Kirk Herbstreit Pays Tribute To Former College Quarterback

A 247Sports graphic asking fans to rank the top four Oregon quarterbacks of all-time sparked debate on Twitter on Thursday. While Marcus Mariota and Justin Herbert seemed like obvious members to include in the group, one college football star was notably absent from the list. Dennis Dixon, who played for...
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Kirk Herbstreit in support of 12-team playoff proposal

The future of college football might have changed on Thursday, as a working group has proposed a 12-team format for the College Football Playoff. The new suggested format would provide byes to the four highest-ranked champions and then match up the remaining eight teams in the first-round. On Thursday night’s SportsCenter, ESPN college football analyst and College GameDay co-host Kirk Herbstreit expressed his support for the proposed system.
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Kirk Herbstreit Welcomes ESPN’s Newest College Announcer

ESPN’s college sports team officially has a new announcer. On Tuesday, the Worldwide Leader officially announced the hiring of Brian Custer, who will work as a college basketball and college football announcer. Custer will also serve as a SportsCenter anchor. “I’m beyond thrilled to be joining all the dedicated sports...
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Kirk Herbstreit Shares Feelings On Sons Playing For Clemson

Before Kirk Herbstreit established himself as one of the go-to analysts in college football, he shined on the field at Ohio State. He spent four seasons with the Buckeyes from 1989 to 1993, following in his father’s footsteps by playing his college ball in Columbus. Despite his ties to Ohio...
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ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit ‘still can’t taste or smell’ five months after testing positive for COVID-19

Longtime ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit said Tuesday that he still can’t taste or smell after testing positive for COVID-19 in late December. “Been 5 months since I tested positive for Covid,” Herbstreit tweeted on Tuesday. “Still can’t taste or smell. Anyone else experience this?? Did it ever come back?? Haven’t tasted a meal since late December. After 5 this my new normal or will taste and smell come back???”
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Kirk Herbstreit Says He Still Can’t Taste, Smell Anything

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit tested positive for COVID-19 last December. Though it’s been several months since his diagnosis, he’s still dealing with some effects from the virus. On Tuesday morning, Herbstreit revealed that he still can’t taste or smell anything. He shared his COVID-19 experience with his followers...
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Kirk Herbstreit Says He Still Can't Taste or Smell 5 Months After COVID-19 Diagnosis

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit divulged Tuesday that he is still experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19. Herbstreit tweeted that five months after being diagnosed with the coronavirus, he still can't taste or smell:. Kirk Herbstreit @KirkHerbstreit. Been 5 months since I tested positive for Covid. Still can’t taste or...
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Kirk Herbstreit opens up about his kids playing at Clemson

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit has long had ties to the Ohio State Buckeyes. Growing up in Centerville, Ohio, just an hour west of Columbus, Herbstreit was a four-year letter winner as a quarterback at Ohio State from 1989 to 1993. Herbstreit’s father, Jim Herbstreit, was also a co-captain...