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Residential Development Planned Next to Kirk Douglas Theatre

Development would bring 34 units to Culver Boulevard. Two vacant buildings could soon be the site of new mixed-use development if a new proposal on the agenda of the Culver City Planning Commission is approved next week, as reported by Urbanize Los Angeles. At 9763 Culver Boulevard and 9814 Culver...
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Kirk Douglas Theatre to share block with mixed-use apartments

A local developer has filed plans to build a 34-unit, mixed-use complex next to the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City. REthink Development, based in the city, has proposed constructing a pair of three- and four-story buildings at 9763 Culver Boulevard and 9814 Washington Boulevard, Urbanize Los Angeles reported. It would require demolishing a single-family home.
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Kirk Douglas quit Rambo mid-filming when his scenes were cut

The late, great American actor Kirk Douglas lived to be 103 years old, and had many a starring roles to his name during his time in Hollywood. One action movie in particular that he cannot put his name to though, is Rambo, after the legendary actor quit the project mid-filming, due to his scenes being cut.

John Wayne And Kirk Douglas Reportedly Never Saw Eye-To-Eye

John Wayne and Kirk Douglas starred together in The War Wagon. Kirk was not the first choice to play Lomax in the film but the director ended up giving up half his salary to secure Kirk for the movie. Turns out that the two big stars had very different political views and butted heads a few times during filming.

Michael Douglas says father Kirk Douglas taught him to not get ‘caught up in the image people try to create’

Michael Douglas is reflecting on an astute piece of advice his late father Kirk Douglas told him during the actor's foray into the film business. The 77-year-old "Wall Street" star was a guest of honor at the Fourth Annual Meihodo International Youth Visual Media Festival and recalled in an interview with producers that in being so close to his father and mother Diana Douglas, the actor was able to "watch their insecurities and see that what was on the screen was not exactly what that person was like," according to People magazine.

Western Icon Kirk Douglas Told Son Not to Get ‘Caught Up in the Image People Try to Create’

Michael Douglas shared a profound piece of advice that his iconic father Kirk Douglas shared with him before his passing in 2020. 77-year-old Michael Douglas was recently the Guest of Honor at an International Youth Visual Media Festival and spoke of his father in a touching interview with producers. According to the “Wall Street” star, it was his close relationship with his mother and father, Diana and Kirk Douglas, that helped him keep a level head.

Kirk Douglas Dilemma

Back in the 1900s, Kirk Douglas was an American actor and filmmaker. He attended St. Lawrence University in the 1930s before serving in World War II. Douglas went on to have a very successful film career and unfortunately died in 2020 at the age of 103. SLU even has a new dorm named after him in his honor.

Longtime Beverly Hills Home of the Late Kirk Douglas Quickly Sells Over Ask

A private Hollywood "walk of fame" proved to be real estate gold. The Beverly Hills estate that belonged to the late Kirk Douglas—complete with pavers inscribed with the autographs of countless stars—quickly found a buyer. Listed for $7,495,000 in early December, the home, laden with Hollywood history, sold for $9,015,000 this week.

10 Best Directors Kirk Douglas Worked With

Throughout the 1950s, Kirk Douglas became one of the most acclaimed and popular actors in Hollywood. As a star of both westerns and war epics, Douglas amassed a giant fan base across the world and regularly headlined movies for decades. According to the American Film Institute, Douglas is the 17th greatest male movie star in the history of Hollywood cinema.

Kirk Douglas: The secrets to long life that led him to age 103

Howard S. Friedman, a psychology professor at the University of California, and Leslie R. Martin, a psychology professor at La Sierra University, conducted a study known as The Longevity Project, which showcased results from a study that followed 1,500 Americans over 80 years. The study remarkably found that those who...

Natalie Wood was assaulted by Kirk Douglas, sister alleges

For decades, it's been one of Hollywood's darkest rumors: A teen-age Natalie Wood was sexually assaulted by a top movie star more than twice her age when she met with him at a hotel in Los Angeles. In a memoir coming out next week, Wood's younger sister identifies the long-suspected assailant: Kirk Douglas.