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MLB The Show 21 Legends Reveal: Twins Great Kirby Puckett to Join Roster

In a recent MLB The Show 21 Legends reveal, baseball Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett was officially announced for the game’s roster. The former Minnesota Twins star was a multiple All-Star and two-time World Series champion. Based on Puckett trending on Twitter, his inclusion in the game had many fans rather excited. He’ll join a legends roster that also will include the late, great Roberto Clemente, among others.
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Dorktown: Kirby Puckett couldn’t hit homers when he was ahead in the count

Generally speaking, about 33 to 35 percent of MLB plate appearances end when the batter is ahead in the count, meaning there have been more balls thrown than strikes. Those plate appearances tend to produce home runs at a rate about 30 percent greater than those that end when strikes ≥ balls; ultimately, going back to the ’80s, over 41 percent of all homers stem from a pitch in which the batter had the leg up.