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Chat With GH’s Kin Shriner and Kathleen Gati!

Obrecht and Scott have turned into one of GENERAL HOSPITAL’s newest fan-favorite couples, so it’s only natural that portrayers Kathleen Gati and Kin Shriner would get together for a special event to give back! The two actors are teaming up for a “Love Is in the Air” Zoom event being held on Sunday, Aug. 22, at 8 p.m. ET. “Come join us for some gossip and fun!” Gati enthused on Instagram. “And bring your hungry questions for Kin and me!”
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GH’s Kin Shriner and Trish Ramish get candid about their relationship

Trish Ramish: “Well, we met in 1994. I was having dinner with my cousin at my friend Bob’s restaurant and Kin was eating dinner at the bar because he knew the waiter, who was a mutual friend of ours. He said to Bob, ‘Who’s that girl you’re talking to?’ and he said, ‘That’s my friend Trish, she’s one of Cher’s dancers. Why, do you want to ask her out?’ And Kin said, ‘She’s out of my league.’ How sweet is that? But he asked me out anyway, a couple of weeks later, and of course I said yes.”