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Tesla Board Member Kimbal Musk Says Most DAOs Are Not Actually Decentralized

AUSTIN, Texas – Kimbal Musk, the billionaire philanthropist and brother of fellow entrepreneur Elon Musk who is now an avid creator of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), says most of these trustless structures are controlled by a few founder members. Speaking at Consensus 2022 in Austin, Texas, Musk, who last...
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Kimbal Musk and His Big Green DAO

In the mid-1990s, when Kimbal Musk was 22 years old, he started working on a new and unproven technology called the “internet.” Along with his brother Elon, he helped create Zip2, a city guide that was one of the first online versions of the Yellow Pages. This article...
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Kimbal Musk: People’s obsession with wealth is ‘boring’

Kimbal Musk and I do not see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. I knew that already, but this fact becomes abundantly clear during my recent, 50-minute Zoom interview with the brother of you know who. “It’s like talking to my daughter,” Musk says toward the tail-end of our conversation, comparing me to his 19-year-old firstborn. “She wants the world to be communist.”

Kimbal Musk: Tesla Was 'Very Ignorant' Of Bitcoin's Environmental Impact

Tesla CEO Elon Musk's younger brother, Kimbal, believes the automaker failed to consider the environmental impact of its Bitcoin investment. As you may recall, around a year ago Tesla bought $1.5 billion worth of the crypto currency. It also briefly accepted Bitcoin as a form of payment for its vehicles and other products.

Tesla’s Kimbal Musk says company was ‘very ignorant’ of environmental impact of its Bitcoin purchase

“When we invested in Bitcoin, we were very ignorant. We had no idea of the environmental impact, we literally didn’t know, we were like this seems like a good store of value and a good way to diversify assets. And of course, it didn’t take very long to get a million — I’m not kidding probably a million — messages telling us what we were doing to the environment,” said Kimbal Musk, in an interview with this reporter. “And of course, our company is about creating alternative energy futures so we really were not informed enough when we made that decision.”

ISS urges Tesla investors not to re-elect James Murdoch, Kimbal Musk

Sept 27 (Reuters) - Proxy advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) is recommending that Tesla (TSLA.O) investors not re-elect directors James Murdoch and Kimbal Musk because the board approved excessive compensation packages to non-executive board members. Tesla shareholders will cast ballots on Oct. 7 on cutting director terms to two...

Elon Musk Tesla: Calls Shareholder Services ’ISIS’ for Advising Against Re-Electing Kimbal Musk, James Murdoch for Board

Elon Musk has called Tesla's board advisor called the Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) "ISIS," after it has advised against the re-election of Kimbal Musk and James Murdoch. There would be an upcoming board meeting for shareholders of the clean energy company, and its members would get to decide who will be put into a managerial position.