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Growing Up Fast On Planet Earth, With Kim Stanley Robinson

Kim Stanley Robinson is having a moment. This is a funny thing to say when you look at his credentials. Robinson has a storied career as a sci-fi author with 22 novels under his belt and as many big books awards (including Robert A. Heinlein and Arthur C. Clark awards for his body of work). But his latest novel, an equal parts hopeful, harrowing, and informative climate change tome, The Ministry for the Future, has struck such an immediate nerve that Robinson has found himself speaking at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, chatting with the Dalai Lama, giving TED talks, and interviewing for the New York Times and the New Yorker for big printed profiles about his life and thoughts. He’s moved from a man with big, brilliant, often utopic ideas about Mars and the future and hero scientists to someone world leaders might look to for advice when shaping climate policies that could change the course of human history.
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Check It Out: The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson

This is Barb Gross with the Sioux City Public Library, and you’re listening to “Check it Out.” Today, I’m recommending the latest book by Kim Stanley Robinson, the renowned science-fiction author. The book is titled The Ministry for the Future. Robinson is a very “sciencey” sci-fi writer. In his novels, the science is not fictional — which makes this story about climate change even more impactful.

Q&A with Sci-Fi Author Kim Stanley Robinson

The Davis-based New York Times best-selling author is celebrated for epic sci-fi novels, including his classic Mars trilogy about terraforming the Red Planet and The Ministry for the Future about solving the climate crisis, which former President Barack Obama named as one of his favorite books of 2020. But in his new memoir The High Sierra: A Love Story, which comes out on May 10, Kim Stanley Robinson takes a turn for the terrestrial, covering a half-century of writing, thinking and adventuring across our altitudinous backyard, tracing the origins of both backpacking and environmentalism. He talks to us about entering the God zone while hiking, being a “utopian science fiction writer,” and why despite a certain tech billionaire’s predictions, we won’t be living on Mars anytime soon.
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Steamboat library to host community talk with award-winning author Kim Stanley Robinson March 1

The Bud Werner Library in Steamboat is hosting a block-buster community talk on Tuesday, March 1, featuring the highly acclaimed, award-winning cli-fi writer Kim Stanley Robinson. During the presentation, Robinson will discuss his novel, “The Ministry for the Future.” Drawing from the work, Robinson will share his insights, research and...

Fossil Free California presents Kim Stanley Robinson, January 20

Kim Stanley Robinson gave a keynote speech at the recent international climate summit, COP26. He moved between formal sessions and outside street actions, sometimes in the company of long-time activist Bill McKibben. At this evening webinar, “From COP 26 to the Ministry for the Future,” Robinson will recount his experiences at COP26 and compare them to the future scenarios he captured in his best-selling novel, The Ministry for the Future.

Who Is Kim Stanley Robinson? Behind the Author of ‘Ministry for the Future’

We love reading about the environment, even if it's fictional. Kim Stanley Robinson, the author of Ministry For the Future, has written numerous sci-fi books, many of which incorporate themes relating to climate change. Robinson is certainly someone you'll want to have on your radar, whether you're looking to add new titles to your Goodreads, or if you're simply seeking out something new to rent from the library. Needless to say, many of his titles are total page turners.
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Kim Stanley Robinson on how to have a good Anthropocene

“EVERYTHING is happening way faster than it happens in The Ministry for the Future,” says Kim Stanley Robinson of his latest novel, set in a world where an international agency is tasked with fighting for future generations on climate change. That vision was imagined mostly in 2018, which the US science fiction writer says now feels like “another geological age” because so much has happened, from Donald Trump’s election defeat to the covid-19 pandemic.

Getting from Here to There: Kim Stanley Robinson Envisions a Better Tomorrow at Final Boulder Forum Event

The award-winning science fiction writer headlined the final panel event of the Boulder Forum on Economy, Climate and Community this week. Robinson joined the forum to discuss climate-change related themes appearing in his most recent novel, “Ministry for the Future,” as well as “the economic changes that we need and how they might play out going forward — in a good way.”

"You Need to Use Hope like a Club to Beat Your Opponent." Kim Stanley Robinson on Climate Change and Fiction

With the U.S. experiencing back-to-back record heat waves, the opening chapter of Kim Stanley Robinson’s 2020 Sci-Fi novel, The Ministry for the Future , is starting to feel eerily prescient. The book’s story details the impact of climate change on our near future, and how global society manages—slowly, shakily—to avert total cataclysm. In a recent telephone chat, TIME spoke with the Hugo and Nebula-award winning writer about his book, the future, and the role of ecoterrorism in the climate movement.