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[REVIEW] Now We’re Getting Somewhere by Kim Addonizio

— Some poetry collections feel impersonal, as if the poet is on some kind of pensive examination of something and the reader is just along for the ride, a witness more than a participant in a conversation. Kim Addonizio’s Now We’re Getting Somewhere is the opposite of that. The writing in this collection is personal, but it also feels like a conversation, like Addonizio is talking to you, bringing you into her world, sharing her thoughts the way a friend would, over coffee or beer or from under their covers.
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Em Unravelling

Kim Addonizio Is The Poet We All Need Right Now

Kim Addonizio’s poem “To the woman crying uncontrollably in the next stall” became hugely popular after she wrote it in 2016, with extensive quotes and photographs of its printed form reproduced many times on Instagram and Twitter. It is very easy to see why it hit its mark so soundly. It’s a profound and heartbreaking message of sisterly support, written in the most simple, delicate, breathtaking language: