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Thursday Night Football odds, spread, line: Raiders vs. Rams predictions, NFL picks from expert on 7-2 roll

Week 14 of the NFL schedule begins when the Los Angeles Rams host the Las Vegas Raiders in the Thursday Night Football game at SoFi Stadium. One season after winning the Super Bowl, the Rams (3-9) have bottomed out in 2022, sitting in last place in the NFC West. They are tied with the Broncos for the second worst record in the league, behind only the Texans. Meanwhile, the Raiders (5-7) are in third in the AFC West but are only two games behind the Jets for the final wild card spot in the AFC.

Quantum processor reveals bound states of photons hold strong even in the midst of chaos

Researchers have used a quantum processor to make microwave photons uncharacteristically sticky. They coaxed them to clump together into bound states, then found that these photon clusters survived in a regime where they were expected to dissolve into their usual, solitary states. The discovery was first made on a quantum processor, marking the growing role that these platforms are playing in studying quantum dynamics.

Researchers answer a longstanding question about nematode teeth

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Biology in Tübingen have produced the first sound evidence that the teeth of the nematode Pristionchus pacificus consist of chitin. In doing so, they not only answer the long-standing question of the teeth composition, but also open up new perspectives on the evolution of the up to 10 million nematode species. Their results now appear in the journal Current Biology.

4 Great Burger Places in Michigan

Photo byPhoto by Taylor Harding on UnsplashonUnsplash. If you live in Michigan and your favorite comfort food is a nice burger then you are in the right place because below I have put together a list of four amazing burger places in Michigan that are well-known for their service and food.

BNSF’s Katie Farmer Named Railway Age’s 2023 Railroader of the Year

Written by William Vantuono, editor-in-chief, Railway Age. Railway Age’s 2023 Railroader of the Year Award, the 60th annual, goes to a groundbreaking North American rail industry leader: BNSF President and Chief Executive Officer Katie M. Farmer. “Katie Farmer permanently changed the industry for the better by becoming the first...

Amtrak Looks to Remove Pennsylvania ‘Distant Signals’

Written by Marybeth Luczack, Executive Editor, Railway Age. With Positive Train Control (PTC) operational, Amtrak is seeking Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) approval to remove automatic wayside signals serving as distant signals to existing interlockings on the Mid-Atlantic Division’s Philadelphia-to-Harrisburg, Pa. line (a Northeast Corridor branch), according to a notice in the Federal Register’s Dec. 7 edition.

Adult decides to uninvite parents from a Christmas visit

A Holiday Train SetupPhoto byJohn Matychuk/UnsplashonUnsplash. When you're in a strained relationship with your parents, having holidays plans can be a little tricky. Sure, you can have everyone meet up at your home or you can just go it alone so you don't have to worry about any drama.

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