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Masters of the Universe's Kevin Smith Hypes Episode 2 in New Teaser

There is less than a month separating Masters of the Universe from its big Netflix revival. If you were not aware, the series is stepping out with an anime sequel that is being overseen by Kevin Smith. As you can imagine, the director-come-geek icon is eager for fans to check out his project, and Smith just dropped a teaser about its second episode.
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Maryland's Most Wanted | Kevin Smith, convicted sex offender

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- A convicted sex offender accused of failing to register and then skipping town is the focus of this week's Maryland's Most Wanted. According to the U.S. Marshals Service, 59-year-old Kevin Smith has been on the run for more than a year. Smith, who was convicted of sexual...
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‘Mooby’s,’ Iconic Kevin Smith Films Chain Restaurant, Pop Up Coming To Detroit

The highly loveable Jay & Silent Bob films directed by Silent Bob actor, Kevin Smith, feature a fictitious fast food company within the films called Mooby's and in recent years, Smith has opened up actual pop up shops featuring food from Mooby's. Now, Mooby's will be making it's way to michigan, with an anticipated stop in Detroit, as one website explains what's available with a visit to the pop up:

BCTV Daily Dispatch 23 June 2021: Kevin Smith/MOTU, The Orville & More

We wanna rock right now. We're BCTV and we came to get down. We're not internationally known, but we're known to rock… the BCTV Daily Dispatch! Welcome back to our daily dose of some of the best things happening across the television landscape (and with some serious respect going out to Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock), as we take a look at what's been hitting your radar recently- with The Orville saying strong and Kevin Smith taking the high road on Twitter. Following that, we have the "BCTV Rewind" with a selection of curated articles more than worth your time that you may have missed the first time around. Then we wrap things up with another edition of "Random TV History Stuff!" as a legend of late-night begins his journey- in the daytime.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation EP Kevin Smith, Season 2 & Spite

Earlier this month and ahead of the first five episodes' July 23rd debut, Mattel Television and Netflix unveiled the first official teaser and a new set of preview images for the eagerly-anticipated pseudo-sequel series Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Spearheaded by showrunner, EP & all-around MOTU fan Kevin Smith, the series is set to pick up a number of the narrative threads from the original animated series and expand the universe in bold new directions that will attract old-school and new-school fans. Yet there are already those on social media (prepare to grab your pearls and start your fanning) who are attacking the series based on nothing more than rumors, innuendo, and some really bad reads on some interviews Smith and others have done.
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Kevin Smith, Jack Black, and More to Play Dungeons & Dragons at D&D Live

Jack Black and Kevin Smith will play Dungeons & Dragons together as part of D&D Live next month. Wizards of the Coast announced their first slate of celebrities for the upcoming 2-day streaming event D&D Live, which will take place on July 16 and 17. The Lost Odyssey: Last Light table will feature Jack Black, Reggie Watts, Lauren Larkus, Kevin Smith, and Jason Mewes in a game DMed by Kate Welch. Welch's D&D game will also feature a special "mystery guest." The game will benefit the Extra Life charity and will be streamed on both Peacock and the G4 and D&D Twitch and YouTube channels.
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Kevin Smith Wants "More Pictures" From Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez

Tayshia Adams & Kaitlyn Bristowe Talk Hosting "The Bachelorette" Tom Hiddleston Delves Into the Character of "Loki" Katie Thurston Calls "Bachelorette" Season 17 "Refreshing" Kim Kardashian's Peaks & Pits During 14-Year Run on "KUWTK" about 22 hours ago. Should Kourtney Kardashian Have Shown Love Life on "KUWTK"?. 1 day ago.

Kevin Smith Wants Bennifer To Get A New Nickname

Kevin Smith is happy to see that his Jersey Girl stars are back together, but he wishes that the couple could be given a new nickname. The director recalled seeing Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez falling in love the first time around in an interview with E! News, saying, “They started dating, like, while we were making Jersey Girl, and, like, it made you up the ante of your relationship. It made you want to be a better husband because he was, like, stellar as a boyfriend and stuff.

Kevin Smith He-Man Inspired By 'Footloose'

Kevin Smith has further addressed rumors and allegations his He-Man Netflix series is woke where he lets it be known the recent trailer was inspired by the 1984 Kevin Bacon Footloose movie featuring the song "Holding Out For A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler. In the movie, a group of kids...
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Kevin Smith Teases Masters of the Universe: Revelation Story Trailer, Debunks False Rumors

Kevin Smith is teasing a story trailer for Masters of the Universe: Revelation and debunked some false rumors that had been swirling around about the upcoming animated series. Netflix recently revealed a number of new teasers and visuals for their upcoming projects during Geeked Week earlier this month, and with it also debuted the very first teaser trailer for the new sequel series to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. But apparently there's still another major trailer on the way that, according to showrunner Kevin Smith, will clear up any confusion fans of the classic series might have.
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Kevin Smith Reviews Marvel's Loki: "Brilliant"

The first episode of Marvel Studios' Loki debuted last week on Disney+ and even though only one episode was released on debut day, the series has been a hit with critics and fans alike responding favorably to the latest entry into the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among those fans is Kevin Smith. The filmmaker and well-known pop culture fan offered up his review of Loki during a recent episode of his Fatman Beyond podcast with Marc Bernardin and described the first episode of the series as "brilliant".
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Kevin Smith Is Assuring ‘Masters Of The Universe: Revelation’ Viewers That There Will Be Plenty Of He-Man In The Show

Last week saw the reveal of the first official teaser for Masters of the Universe: Revelation, and fans were hyped after catching a glimpse of Kevin Smith’s take on He-Man. Not many people can revive a classic cartoon and mesh it together with the Footloose soundtrack, but Smith pulled it off. However, the internet can be a double-edged sword. While the show received an overwhelmingly positive reaction on social media, disgruntled theories started cropping up about the direction that Smith was taking the show, and he was not having it.
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Kevin Smith Breaks Down Masters of the Universe: Revelation Themes

Kevin Smith Breaks Down Masters of the Universe: Revelation Themes. Over the last two years, plenty of talk and scuttlebutt about Netflix‘s Masters of the Universe: Revelation emerged. And for someone as loquacious as Kevin Smith, not talking about the project must have been a struggle. But now, with a well-received teaser out there, he breaks things down a bit more in a new video from Netflix. In it, he discusses the appeal of the property in the first place. And then he mentions what some of the Masters of the Universe: Revelation themes will be.