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Not only should the Cavaliers not trade Kevin Love, they should re-sign him

Kevin Love deserves one final contract from the Cleveland Cavaliers. When it comes to Kevin Love and his future with the Cleveland Cavaliers, just call me the Cleveland weather, because I’m all over the place. I was very adamant that we should trade him last off-season, just to get out of his attitude issue. I didn’t think he had much left in the tank and didn’t think he could play 41 games, let alone 72 games. Yet, that’s exactly what he did and if memory serves me correct, he only missed most of those games due to a positive COVID test.
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Kevin Love proved Team USA wrong when it was all said and done

Kevin Love proved Team USA wrong that he was washed up. When we talk about comeback stories in Cleveland sports history, one of the most impressive and celebrated will be that of Kevin Love and his showing during the 2021-2022 season. Love was seen as someone on his last legs and was becoming a problem on and off the court with his frustrations boiling over on a regular occurrence.

Kevin Love on LeBron James’ final game: ‘I know he wants to have a Kobe-type exit where he scores 60 and does his thing’

Kevin Love believes that when former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate LeBron James plays in his final game, the future Hall of Famer will try to deliver a Kobe Bryant-type finale. Love spoke recently with Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks, noting his strong connection with James and how he believes the Los Angeles Lakers superstar wants to end his career.

Kevin Love calls out Team USA: 'People threw me under the bus'

Those were harsh words from Colangelo and went viral at the time. It wouldn’t be until a year later when the Cavs star would finally respond. On Friday evening, Love looked back at those comments and revealed his true feelings on what went down that summer: “People that I’ve had relationships with throughout USA basketball for that long, threw me under the bus. And I didn’t like that,” Love said. “I felt that I did the right thing by coming to the landing spot and landing point that I eventually got to. I just thought it was very unfair and coming from this elite fraternity that we have in our 450 players. You would think, like, you take care of each other.”

Cavs veteran Kevin Love drops truth bomb on Evan Mobley losing ROTY to Scottie Barnes

The Cleveland Cavaliers failed to make the postseason after losing to the Atlanta Hawks in the Play-In Tournament, but they have a very bright future ahead. Cavs rookie Evan Mobley is a huge part of their promising core and he was in the running for ROTY, but Toronto Raptors star Scottie Barnes just edged him out for the award. However, if you’re asking Kevin Love, he believes Mobley should’ve taken home the honors.

Cavs star Kevin Love rips Team USA for ‘throwing him under the bus’

It wasn’t too long ago when Cavs big man Kevin Love was involved in a controversial row against Team USA managing director Jerry Colangelo over the former’s decision to withdraw from the team right before the Tokyo Olympics. Apparently, Love is still feeling a bit of ill will about this and he wasn’t shy about making his true feelings known.