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Interview: Star Wars: The Bad Batch Composer Kevin Kiner

The first episode of the new animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch is currently streaming on Disney+, and by all accounts is another success on par with The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. One of the through lines tying all three series together is Emmy-nominated composer Kevin Kiner,...
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BMI Congratulates Annie Award Winners Kevin Kiner and Atticus Ross

BMI proudly congratulates this year’s Best Music – TV/Media and Best Music – Feature Annie Award winners, Kevin Kiner and Atticus Ross. Kiner’s trophy comes for his work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “Victory and Death,” while Ross takes the winner’s lap for Soul. Congratulations to both on jobs well done!
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The Heir To John Williams Scoring Music is Apparently Kevin Kiner

Just to be certain, there are a few other composers that will be helping out over the course that Star Wars will be continuing along in the coming years, but as of now, it does sound as though Kevin Kiner, who has been providing his expertise over the years, will be the heir apparent to John Williams, who has been in charge of scoring the music for the 9 core Star Wars movies. That is if Lucasfilm is in keeping with tradition and recognizing the fact that Kiner has been around and done far more than many other composers, which is a big hope. But as many already know, those that head up the company are bound to do what they feel is right, which can sometimes go against what is sensible. Kiner has been around long enough and he’s been working diligently on the musical score for years now when it comes to the animated series. It makes more sense to keep Kiner on and have him take over, but it has to be recognized that others have stepped up and done a great job on various scores as well. The musical score of Star Wars is every bit as important to the movies as the setting or the characters since it’s been used to enhance every part of it throughout the years and give an impressive sound to match the epic story that’s been entertaining people for so long.

Star Wars: John Williams Has an Heir Apparent, and It's Kevin Kiner

Music is as much of a character in Star Wars as anyone, or anything, else. What John Williams managed to do throughout the Skywalker saga, over more than four decades, is nothing shy of impressive. That music helped to define and enhanced George Lucas' beloved sci-fi series and a galaxy far, far away. But Williams is said to be done following his work on The Rise of Skywalker. Yet, Star Wars is going to live on in a big way. The good news is, Williams already has an heir apparent, and his name is Kevin Kiner.
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CS Score Interviews The Clone Wars Composer Kevin Kiner!

CS Score interviews The Clone Wars composer Kevin Kiner!. Hey there, film score lovers! You’re probably thinking, ‘What?! Two CS Scores in less than a week?’ Well, that’s because we’ve got a couple of awesome pieces for you to check out, including and awesome interview with The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch composer Kevin Kiner, who received an Emmy nomination for his work on the final episode of Clone Wars, titled “Victory and Death.”

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Composer Kevin Kiner on Finale Opening, Using John Williams Score, and More

An Interview with music composer Kevin Kiner of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. For almost the last fourteen years Kevin Kiner has spent a critical portion of his career creating the music of a divided galaxy far far away. From the Annie nominated and Emmy winning Star Wars: The Clone Wars to the upcoming Disney+ series Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Kiner has orchestrally lead George Lucas’ iconic franchise from a musical standpoint on the small screen since Lucasfilm began developing three-dimensional animated media in 2007. Prior to the upcoming 2021 Annie Awards that will premiere on April 16th where Kiner could score a possible victory for his final work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, I had the opportunity to sit down with the composer and discuss some of the creative choices put into the final season of the show, his journey with Ashoka Tano through the years, creating music for a potential live-action series on Disney+, and more.

Update: Kevin Kiner Has Confirmed He Is Returning to Score ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’

In unsurprising but exciting news, Kevin Kiner is reportedly returning to compose the new animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Set after the events of Revenge of the Sith, the series sees a group of unique clones with genetic mutations (each with unique skill-sets) trying to survive in the Galactic Empire ruled galaxy (the reason for their creation) after The Clone Wars.