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Kevin Daniels

Kevin Daniels is Professor of Organisational Behaviour and led the Work, Learning and Wellbeing evidence programme for the Economic and Social Research Council funded What Works Wellbeing Centre, and a project on workplace wellbeing and productivity, also funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. I joined Norwich Business School...
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NAU running back Kevin Daniels aiming for a grand

Northern Arizona’s goal in its final week of the regular season is to defeat the Cal Poly Mustangs on the road, sending the seniors off on a positive note and building off a win for the spring and the 2022 season. There is a record on the line for the...
Picture for NAU running back Kevin Daniels aiming for a grand

The Big Leap's Kevin Daniels on How Helen Hunt Got Him His SAG Card and What He Has in Common With Beyoncé

FOX’s new feel-good series The Big Leap has been a lesson in self-acceptance for one of its stars, Kevin Daniels. “I think the idea that you are enough has really been resonating with me in this particular job,” the Juilliard-trained actor, who plays a reality TV judge on the new show (which debuts Mon., Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT) tells in a new interview. “A lot of times you can feel like you’re not as good looking as this actor, or you’re not as talented as this person, or you’re not as well read as that person, or you didn’t go to the right school like this person did… You always compare yourself to someone else’s journey or everything and then you realize it’s your journey. It’s who you are. It’s [what] you bring to the table and that is enough.”