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Kendrick Perkins 'Hopes' Doc Rivers Gets Fired For 1 Reason

The Philadelphia 76ers' disappointing second round playoff exit has some wondering if Doc Rivers' job is in danger. ESPN's Kendrick Perkins hopes it is. On Twitter following the Sixers' season-ending 99-90 loss tonight, Perkins shared that he wants his former Boston Celtics head coach to get fired. His reasoning? Rivers...
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Kendrick Perkins fires back at Draymond Green: Man, you ain't cute, you ugly! (WATCH)

ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins fired back at Draymond Green after being called "a big ogre on TV," saying straight up that Green "ain't handsome" and "ain't cute." After Green helped the Golden State Warriors seal a 110-96 win over the Memphis Grizzlies and advance to the Western Conference finals, he had a few words for Perkins, who previously called him out for his playoff performances.

Warriors’ Draymond Green rips Kendrick Perkins’ ‘brutal’ dig about his play

It doesn’t take much to motivate Draymond Green, and it appears Kendrick Perkins has lit the fuse. After his best performance of the postseason, a 14-point, 15-rebound, eight-assist masterpiece in the Warriors’ closeout victory over the Grizzlies Friday night, Green went off on the ESPN NBA analyst who had been critical of him. “Something came to my phone earlier,” Green told reporters. “Some guy saying I’m scared to shoot the basketball. Scared and me in the same sentence is brutal. But you got a big ogre on TV talking about what Draymond says ain’t the gospel. It is the gospel. What I...

Kendrick Perkins Has Message For Draymond Green

ESPN NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins clapped back at Draymond Green following his postgame rant on Friday night. After the Warriors closed out their series against the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 6, Green called out Perkins for saying he was "afraid to shoot." In the process, the Golden State forward called the retired center a "big ogre."

Draymond Green calls Kendrick Perkins 'big ogre'

After the Warriors eliminated the Grizzlies and advanced to their sixth Western Conference finals in eight years, Draymond Green went off on a rant directed at Kendrick Perkins. “Something came to my phone earlier,” Green said to reporters. “Some guy saying I’m scared to shoot the basketball. Scared and me in the same sentence is brutal. But you got a big ogre on TV talking about what Draymond says ain’t the gospel. It is the gospel. What I say is the gospel. When you say that multiple times on several different segments, you must think what I say is the gospel. So, you got to come out and shut some guys up sometimes. When you got people talking out the side of their neck. ‘Anybody can make the pass Draymond make.’ That’s just stupid.
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Kendrick Perkins Responds After Warriors' Draymond Green Calls Him an 'Ogre'

The war of words between Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green and former NBA center Kendrick Perkins continued after the Dubs knocked the Memphis Grizzlies out of the playoffs with a Game 6 win on Friday night. Draymond and Perk exchanging words after Green's postgame interview 👀 <a href=""></a>

Philadelphia 76ers: Kendrick Perkins gets Joel Embiid’s MVP story

In case you haven’t heard: Joel Embiid did not win the 2022 KIA NBA Most Valuable Player award. I know, I know, I hate it too; there isn’t another player in the world who accomplished what Embiid did this year, not Giannis Antetokounmpo, not LeBron James, not even Nikola Jokic, and watching him leave the year awardless is a massive bummer for any Philadelphia 76ers fan who has watched 21 put the team on his back and will them into the championship picture.

Kendrick Perkins Jokingly Takes Credit For Doc Rivers' Playoff Wins: "Doc Rivers Got 103 Playoff Wins And I Helped Him Get 42 Of Those Wins!"

Kendrick Perkins has made himself a household name with his analysis, often filled with hot takes and passionate arguments. Big Perk has fallen on his face a few times with some of his takes and has been roasted for it too. But he normally provides a lot of entertainment for NBA fans with his opinions on ESPN as well as on his personal Twitter account.

"I'm Taking Russell Westbrook's Career Over Allen Iverson's", Says Kendrick Perkins

The debates between all-time greats have always been raging across NBA talk shows, and media members and old heads love giving their takes on which players are better than others throughout their careers. This gets even more interesting when comparing players across eras because contextualizing their impact becomes even more important in trying to determine which player was better.