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Rex Hudler, Ken Rosenthal and Cardinals ’22 Highlights – Scoops TV

A visit with well-respected MLB journalist, Ken Rosenthal, about the Cardinals, the baseball, offense and Molina in the Hall of Fame. Also, 1990s Cardinal, Rex Hudler, joins the show to talk about his experience in St. Louis and the fans. Plus a look at the top team highlights for this year’s Cardinals baseball team so far.
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Ken Rosenthal exposes exciting LA Angels' end of offseason plans

Ken Rosenthal recently reported some insight on where the LA Angels' heads have been at recently, and exposed an uncomfortable truth of the past while also highlighting an exciting look into the future:. There's a lot to unpack here. First, to start with the bad, I have no idea why...
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Ken Rosenthal on the Yankees Offseason, Sleeper Teams, and Remaining Free Agents

CC and Ryan discuss the Yankees’ post-lockout moves and wonder if there are any free agents—like Max Scherzer or Carlos Correa—that they’ll regret not signing (1:00). Then, they bring on The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal to discuss whether either of those guys were available to the Yankees, which teams he thinks are underrated right now, what trades are on his radar during the season, and more (20:00).

Dodgers Hot Stove: Ken Rosenthal Adds to Freddie Freeman to LA Rumors

In the spirit of a momentary pause from MLB lockout talk, let’s fire up the baseball hot stove. For those that forgot, the “hot stove” was a wonderful, exciting time that predated the troubling events of December 1st. Free agents could sign new deals, players could be traded, hell, teams could even communicate with their current major league players. People talked about World Series favorites, not the competitive balance tax. What a world! Regardless, the biggest flame on the hot stove burner was, and still is, Freddie Freeman.
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Ken Rosenthal goes off on Rob Manfred and the owners over the MLB lockout

About two weeks ago, reporter Ken Rosenthal’s contract was not renewed by MLB Network, the league’s official channel. There was discussion at the time that this move might have been related to some comments Rosenthal had made — at another outlet — about Commissioner Rob Manfred in the summer of 2020.
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Ben Smith, January 6 Anniversary, Ken Rosenthal, and More

Bryan and David are back and kicking off the new year with Ben Smith’s announcement that he is leaving The New York Times for a global media startup (0:22). Then they transition to the first anniversary of the January siege of the Capitol by discussing Evan Osnos’s New Yorker profile of radio host Dan Bongino (9:24). Then they touch on Ken Rosenthal’s comments that lost him a gig with the MLB Network (23:11) and the unfortunate release of a People magazine issue that highlights the great (and recently departed) Betty White’s 100th birthday (35:10). Plus, the Overworked Twitter Joke of the Week and David Shoemaker Guesses the Strained-Pun Headline.

Top NBA reporter calls out MLB over Ken Rosenthal firing

One well-known NBA reporter is sounding off on MLB Network’s decision this week to cut ties with Ken Rosenthal. Veteran hoops journalist David Aldridge of The Athletic posted a tweet on Tuesday defending Rosenthal and comparing the situation to his own personal experience with late former NBA commissioner David Stern.

Former Colorado Rockies reliever Tyler Matzek blasts Rob Manfred over Ken Rosenthal dismissal

The baseball world was stunned, in a way, when Andrew Marchand of The New York Post reported that MLB Network was not going to renew the contract of MLB insider Ken Rosenthal due to past criticism over MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. As a result, many people, including former Colorado Rockies and current Atlanta Braves reliever Tyler Matzek, were among the many who voiced their displeasure with MLB and Rob Manfred.

Ken Rosenthal releases statement in response to losing MLB Network job

Ken Rosenthal shared a statement on Monday in response to a report about him losing his job with MLB Network. The New York Post’s Andrew Marchand reported Monday about Rosenthal’s status. He said that Rosenthal was quietly taken off-air by MLB Network in 2020 for about three months due to criticism of MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. Marchand further reported that Rosenthal has since been forced out at MLB Network entirely, as the reporter’s contract was not renewed for 2022.