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‘Gunsmoke’ Star Ken Curtis Once Spoke on Growing Up in a Colorado Jail ‘During the Days of Bonnie and Clyde’

People who have watched the classic TV Western Gunsmoke know that Ken Curtis played Festus, the sidekick to James Arness’ Matt Dillon. But we bet you didn’t know that Curtis would spend time growing up in a jail. He sure did. Talk about foreshadowing in a rather interesting way. Curtis’ family had something to do with this and, no, it was not in a criminal way. The actor talked about this in an interview that also features costar Buck Taylor, who played Newly on Gunsmoke.
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‘Gunsmoke’: Here’s Every Role That Ken Curtis Played on the Show Including Festus

Surely, this should be a prime trivia question for Gunsmoke fans or those who religiously watch classic TV westerns. You all know Ken Curtis as Festus Haggen, Marshal Matt Dillon’s right-hand man in Dodge City. He basically was the show’s heart. But Curtis played several characters on Gunsmoke. How many? Try seven. In fact, Festus was the fifth of seven characters Curtis played on the show.
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‘Gunsmoke’: When Did Ken Curtis First Appear on the Show

While Gunsmoke fans know him as Festus Haggen, actor Ken Curtis played several different roles on the long-running western. Curtis made his first appearance on the series in 1959. He played Phil Jacks in the episode “Jayhawkers.” Later the same year, he was Brisco on “A Change of Heart.” In 1960, he play Scout in “Speak Me Fair” and Jesse in “The Ex-Urbanites.” He returned to the series two years later as Festus for the first time. However, a 1963 episode saw him play yet another character, Kyle.

Can you name all 7 characters Ken Curtis played on Gunsmoke?

He was much more than a certain ornery Deputy Marshal. Coming off his early career as both a big band and country singer, Ken Curtis guest starred in many Westerns when he first came to TV, often playing numerous roles in multiple episodes of shows like Have Gun – Will Travel and Wagon Train.

Ken Curtis said Festus had more to offer Gunsmoke than Chester Goode

"Chester was always whining along behind Matt," Curtis joked. Ken Curtis fans will tell you that the Gunsmoke episode "Hard Luck Henry" is one of the funniest ones focused on Festus. In this 13th-season episode, the audience meets more of Festus' extended family, with the delightful twist being that he's...

How well do you know the career of Ken Curtis?

I remember his twang as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Disney's Robin Hood. Ken had a wonderful singing voice & was the lead singer of the Sons of the Pioneers for many years. I wish he would have sung more on Gunsmoke. 12/12. When he wasn’t using his “Festus” twang...

‘Gunsmoke’: ‘Festus’ Actor Ken Curtis Actually Appeared as a Different Character in His First Episode

Every “Gunsmoke” fan remembers Festus. He was one of the most popular characters on the show. But actor Ken Curtis actually appeared much earlier in the show’s run. Curtis first appeared on “Gunsmoke” in a much smaller capacity. He played a half-Native American scout in the episode “Speak Me Fair” for instance, according to IMDB. Curtis played various roles during the series’ early days, making infrequent appearances.

Ken Curtis receives President’s Volunteer Service Award

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Each year the Wiregrass Angel House holds a celebration to honor the excellence of some of their board of directors and staff. Our very own Ken Curtis was awarded the Gold level President’s Volunteer Service Award. Curtis said the real story here is not this award,...