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Kelly Slater at 50: Still on top of the big waves

Kelly Slater is somehow still on top. The iconic surfer has won 11 world titles, 56 pro events and 832 heats in his three decades of competing, and in some ways, nothing has changed. “I just know how to win,” he says matter-of-factly. “I know what it takes.”
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Kelly Slater, already surfing’s greatest of all time, keeps growing his legend

The viewing audience was stunned. No other reaction was appropriate. Something miraculous had just happened, and it involved Kelly Slater, and there simply were no words. That bold proclamation came from Makua Rothman, one of Hawaii’s most hard-core surfers, during last week’s webcast of the Billabong Pro Pipeline on Oahu’s North Shore. This was before Slater won the contest, before the accomplishment went viral across the globe and had people trying to fathom the notion of the sport’s youthful superstars being schooled by a man just six days short of his 50th birthday.

Kelly Slater at 50 waxes up for another world title battle

Feb 11 (Reuters) - Kelly Slater, the world's best surfer, nearly called time on one of the most storied careers in sporting history after his eighth and best win at the famed Pipeline Pro in Hawaii last week, saying that at times he hated what he had dedicated his life to.