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‘Enola Holmes’ Actor Louis Partridge To Star In Fantasy Romance Pic ‘Ferryman’ For Legendary & Director Kelly Marcel

EXCLUSIVE: Enola Homes breakout Louis Partridge has closed a deal with Legendary to star in Ferryman, an epic fantasy romance film, adapted from the internationally bestselling YA novel trilogy by Scottish author Claire McFall. Kelly Marcel (Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Saving Mr. Banks) is producing, and is set to direct from her own screenplay adaptation, in her feature debut. Taking its inspiration from ancient Greek mythology, Ferryman follows Tristan, a mysterious being tasked with leading departed souls through limbo and into the afterlife. When a train crashes in the Scottish Highlands, he meets Dylan, a spirited young woman struggling against her fate. While...
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Venom 2 Co-Writer Kelly Marcel Directing Ferryman

She's seen success as a writer recently with Venom: Let There Be Carnage, but Kelly Marcel is looking to spread her wings and fly to the director's chair. She'll bring Ferryman to the screen, starring Enola Holmes' Louis Partridge. Marcel wrote the adaption of Claire McFall's YA book trilogy, which...
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Kelly Marcel: Tom Hardy wanted Venom sequel to be 'insane ride'

'Venom: Let There Be Carnage' screenwriter Kelly Marcel says she and Tom Hardy wanted the sequel to be an "insane bats***" ride. The new superhero movie – which sees Tom Hardy reprise his role as Eddie Brock/Venom – runs for less than two hours and Kelly recalled how she and the actor wanted a quick watch from the very beginning.

How Kelly Marcel Wrote Venom: Let There Be Carnage With Tom Hardy

The Venom films are all about unlikely symbiosis: Between man and the gooey alien being that gives him superpowers but wants to eat brains, between romantic comedy and horror, and as it turns out, between screenwriter and movie star. The first film, starring Tom Hardy as both Eddie Brock and the growling voice of the symbiote Venom, was written by a coterie of writers, but much of its signature humor came from the collaboration between him and screenwriter Kelly Marcel. She’s best known for writing Saving Mr. Banks, though she’s had a career working on a variety of studio projects (including, famously, a version of the Fifty Shades script), and has long been friends with Hardy; he got a tattoo of the word “skribe” in honor of her re-write work on his film Bronson. For the sequel, Let There Be Carnage, Marcel gets sole credit for the screenplay, and splits credit for the story with Hardy himself, since they worked together through hours and hours of video calls hashing out their ideas for the project. With the movie out in theaters, Marcel spoke with Vulture over the phone about her and Hardy’s unique collaboration, how the movie functions as an odd couple story, and that sequence in the credits.