Keith Richards


The real story of that time Keith Richards fell out of a palm tree

It's a story that bounced around the world. "Keith Richards treated in hospital after fall from palm tree", screamed one headline. "Richards concussed after fall from coconut tree" announced another. "Keith Richards and the Fiji fall: The mystery deepens" proclaimed a third. One thing's for certain: when Rolling Stones guitarist...

Keith Richards Has Some Crazy Car Stories

He drove it like he stole it, only he owned these cars. One of the most famous musicians in the world, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones is your prototypical fast-and-hard-living rock star. He’s been imitated by many, but the man has lived such a crazy life he makes it difficult to copy completely. What you might not know about him is the sordid past of his automotive enthusiasm. We wouldn’t necessarily call Richards a gearhead per se, but the man had a lot of money he liked to spend on expensive cars. Even more interesting are the stories around what he did with these vehicles, with the most interesting tales detailed below.

Marianne Faithfull: my stories of Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Metallica and more

Marianne Faithfull, the former convent schoolgirl who was discovered by pop guru and former Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham and became Mick Jagger’s notorious other half and the Stones’ muse, has survived more than 50 years in a music career during which she has enjoyed chart success in the 60s, survived the lows of a debilitating addiction to heroin and made a miraculous comeback as a rock’n’roll torch singer and Riot Grrl icon.

Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones Recalls the First Time He Met Merle Haggard

It wouldn’t be unfair or unreasonable to call The Rolling Stones the pinnacle of music. They’re everywhere. Everyone knows at least one Stones song. Rolling Stones merch can be found in what feels like every store. Even those who aren’t Rolling Stones fans can’t deny instantly recognizing that iconic lips and tongue logo. The band formed in the early sixties and are still going strong.

Keith Richards Addresses Eric Clapton’s Vaccine Skepticism

Keith Richards offered his thoughts on Eric Clapton's COVID-19 vaccine skepticism in a new interview. The Rolling Stones guitarist discussed Clapton's "old-fashioned" views on vaccines in a new episode of Rolling Stone's Music Now podcast. "I love Eric dearly. I've known him since forever, and we've had ups and downs," Richards said. "This COVID thing, it's split people up and made people sometimes go awry for a while, you know?"