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Zach Wilson’s custom Mets jersey had Keith Hernandez confused

A backwards hat worn to the Mets-Cardinals game on Thursday didn’t disguise Zach Wilson, but the Jets quarterback’s jersey did have Keith Hernandez mixed up. SNY reporter Steve Gelbs had hilarious commentary about Wilson when the former first-round pick was spotted sitting behind home plate, rocking a custom Mets jersey with his name on the back. “Will he talk to you Steve?” Hernandez asked during the third inning, as an SNY camera focused on Wilson. “Yeah guys, I think I’m going to let him be, a little bit, today” Gelbs said, sitting back in his seat at Citi Field. Gelbs’ response prompted laughter from the broadcasters. “Ahh, he likes the ‘Mook’,” Hernandez said about the quarterback’s custom jersey, in reference to Mets legend Mookie Wilson. “Keith, either that, or it’s his own name,” Gary Cohen replied. “Well, I didn’t see the number,” Hernandez said. Wilson has been all over the New York sports scene as of late. He went wild celebrating the Rangers’ Game 7 win over the Penguins on Sunday at the Garden.
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11 Best Athlete Cameos, From Keith Hernandez on 'Seinfeld' to Derek Jeter in 'The Other Guys'

Plenty of sports celebrities have made appearances in film and television. For sports fans, it’s refreshing to see another side of someone who is primarily known for their athletic abilities. Sometimes the athletes prove to be formidable actors, sometimes they just look uncomfortable in front of the camera. Either way, most of the time, just the athlete’s existence in the movie or show is enough to get fans excited. Remember Keith Hernandez and his continuing plotlines on Seinfeld? Brett Favre in There's Something About Mary? Here are those and many more memorable athlete on-screen cameos.
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From John Sterling to Keith Hernandez, Wednesday was a rough day in the booth for the MLB old heads

Yankees play-by-play broadcaster John Sterling is a legend. He’s been calling Yankees games for over 30 years. At one point he called 5,060 consecutive Yankees without a single day off a runny nose or a graduation. He’s the veritable Cal Ripken Jr. of MLB broadcasting. Keith Hernandez, meanwhile, is a little newer to the game after the game, but no less beloved in New York. A Met (and mustache) icon, Hernandez has become baseball’s grumpy old grandpa as the years have ticked by, a soothing-yet-curmudgeonly balm for all that ails the Flushing faithful. Hell, the man was even on ‘Seinfeld.’ Beat that.

‘Senior citizen’ Keith Hernandez says he almost fell for phishing scam

SNY color commentator Keith Hernandez humorously revealed to Mets fans during Wednesday’s broadcast in Philadelphia how he was nearly duped by an online phishing scam. Hernandez, 68, who splits his time between Long Island and Florida, recalled during the third inning of the Mets vs. Phillies matinee how a man with a “Spanish accent” nearly convinced him to fraudulently send funds over the online payment system Zelle. While telling the tale, the Mets legend was chided on-air by play-by-play announcer Gary Cohen for falling for a “senior citizen” swindle. “I got an email with the FPL, which is Florida Power & Light, logo,...

Former MLB star Keith Hernandez: Baseball is not dying

A New York Times opinion piece Wednesday took a swing at the sports industry and declared, "Baseball is dying. The government should take it over." In a FOX Business interview Thursday, two-time New York Mets World Series champion and former All-Star Keith Hernandez argued the newspaper's argument strikes out. "I...

Derek Jeter, Keith Hernandez, and George Steinbrenner: 'Seinfeld's Top 5 Baseball Moments

Although it may be a show about nothing, Seinfeld is also a show about baseball. From George Costanza’s tenure working for the New York Yankees to Kramer’s violent confrontations with baseball legends, Seinfeld has repeatedly used baseball references and player cameos throughout its nine season run. This probably has a lot to do with the show’s co-creators, Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, both being dedicated New York baseball fans. David grew up a Yankees fan and famously provided the rambling, scatter-brained voice of Yankees owner George Steinbrenner in 13 of the show’s episodes. Seinfeld, raised on Long Island, is a life-long Mets fan who apparently couldn’t resist the opportunity to go on a fictional, televised “date” with Mets first baseman Keith Hernandez.

The Keith Hernandez banishment we didn’t know about is over

Who knows the fundies better than Keith Hernandez? We’ve been treated to his baseball commentary from the booth for years now. The New York Mets legendary first baseman knows the game better than most. You’d think any player, coach, or owner would welcome any advice he can toss their...

Examining the Hall of Fame case for New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals legend Keith Hernandez

Earlier this offseason, the New York Mets announced that they will be retiring former first baseman and current broadcaster Keith Hernandez’s no. 17 with a ceremony in July. The St. Louis Cardinals also inducted Hernandez into the Cardinals Hall of Fame. While those honors are certainly merited, it shouldn’t be the only honor that Hernandez should have given long ago as Keith Hernandez is one of the biggest snubs for the Baseball Hall of Fame in recent memory.

OTD 1984: Keith Hernandez Signs Long-Term Deal

The greatest trade in New York Mets history wouldn’t have been so great if his stay in Queens lasted four months. Keith Hernandez — already with a batting title, an MVP, and several Gold Gloves decorating his resume — was sent from the defending champion St. Louis Cardinals to the perennially downtrodden Mets in June 1983 for reliever Neil Allen and starter Rick Ownbey. And it sent the star first basement to contemplate his future in baseball. Retirement even entered his mind.

Freddie Freeman is not the next Keith Hernandez for the New York Mets

For some reason there are a lot of New York Mets fans who seem to be clamoring for a first baseman who has made his mark playing for the division rival Atlanta Braves. And a lot of those fans are blowing up social media threads with the reasoning that bringing Freddie Freeman to the Mets would be tantamount to the acquisition of Keith Hernandez almost 40 years ago.