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Keith David From ‘Platoon’ Is 65 And Singing Up A Storm With Signature Deep Voice

Among an ever-growing list of historical movies shedding light on the paradoxical dichotomy of inhumanity and togetherness that is war, 1986’s Platoon still manages to stand out to this day. This is in no small part thanks to its talented cast, which includes Willem Dafoe, Johnny Depp, and Kevin Dillon, who helped fully realize every unique character audiences got to love or hate. For actor Keith David, bringing his best game to Platoon was just par for the course, evidenced in his career both before and well after the Oliver Stone-directed. So, just what did happen to David after his squad broke up?
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Legendary Actor Keith David Reveals if He'd Voice Beta Ray Bill for Marvel

On Monday, Marvel finally released a trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder after it became the MCU film with the least amount of time between the trailer release and the theatrical release. Not only did it become the fourth-most viewed trailer in 24 hours, but it sparked a lot of speculation from fans online. Many fans are hoping the movie will feature a surprise appearance from Beta Ray Bill, a fan-favorite hero from the comics who has powers similar to Thor's that augment his powerful cyborg body. While some folks think Beta Ray Bill is going to show up in the movie, others are still thinking about casting for future projects. In fact, journalist Chris Lovingood wants to see Keith David in the role, and the legendary actor is up to the task.

Six Degrees of Keith David: The Character Actor Beats Kevin Bacon at His Own Game

Even if you don’t remember his name, you’ve seen his face. More importantly, you’ve heard his voice. With his trademark baritone, Keith David is the ultimate “that guy,” the quintessential Blackfamous character actor, as effective in dramas (Greenleaf) as he is in screwball comedies (There’s Something About Mary) and animation (The Princess and the Frog). With more than 300 credits to his name, ranging from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood to Barbershop, from The Thing to SpongeBob SquarePants, the 65-year-old, Juilliard-trained performer is even better suited to the Kevin Bacon game than Kevin Bacon (103 credits as of press time).

Creepshow Star Keith David Talks Season 2 and a Hopeful Return to the Series

Part of the charm of the original Creepshow movie is that, not only did it enlist top-tier talent behind the scenes with director George A. Romero and writer Stephen King, but the cast was equally impressive, starring the likes of Adrienne Barbeau, Ted Danson, and Hal Holbrook. The Creepshow TV series on Shudder embraces a similar approach to casting by bringing in a number of beloved genre actors into the fold, a feat that's easier to accomplish due to its anthological nature. Season 2 of the series saw Keith David join the cast for an episode, who recently shared his enthusiasm for the experience. Creepshow Season 2 is out now on Blu-ray and DVD.

Esau Pritchett Replaces Keith David in Thoughts of a Colored Man on Broadway

Esau Pritchett has joined the cast of Keenan Scott II's Thoughts of a Colored Man, which is scheduled to begin performances on October 1 and officially open on October 31 at Broadway’s Golden Theatre. Pritchett replaces the originally announced Keith David, a Tony nominee who departed the production due to a private family matter.

Keith David Cast As Narrator for Season 2 of HBO Max Original ‘LOVE LIFE’

Keith David has been cast as the narrator for season two of the Max Original LOVE LIFE, a romantic comedy anthology series from Lionsgate Television and Feigco Entertainment. Season two focuses on “Marcus Watkins” (Emmy nominee and executive producer William Jackson Harper) as he comes out of a years-long relationship with the woman he thought was going to be his person. The rug pulled out from under him, he is plunged back into the search for the romantic fulfillment that he thought he had already found. The new season is currently in production in New York.

‘The Craft’ Star Rachel True Lands Leading Role With Bruce Davison and Keith David In ‘The Last Call’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Rachel True, one of the stars of the teenage witch movie and 1996 cult classic “The Craft,” has landed the lead role in new supernatural thriller, “The Last Call.” Variety has learned exclusively that True will be starring in the upcoming feature, alongside Academy Award nominee Bruce Davison and Emmy winner Keith David. The film begins shooting on Aug. 9 in Morristown, N.J., with planned shoots also in Los Angeles, Calif. “The Last Call” follows Dr. Amara Rowen, a documentary filmmaker who, after what appears to be a cult mass suicide, is contacted by the group’s survivors. As she begins to learn...